The Man You Meet in Heaven by Debbie Viggiano

The Man You Meet in Heaven by Debbie Viggiano

Today I am so excited to join the Blog Tour for The Man You Meet In Heaven by Debbie Viggiano. Thank you to the author and Noelle at Bookouture for providing me with a copy which I have reviewed honestly.

The Man You Meet in Heaven - Blog Tour


 When Hattie Green pops to the shop one afternoon, she never expects her life to flash before her eyes between the tins of baked beans and a special offer on sliced white. One minute she’s loading her trolley and thinking about what to give her son for dinner, and the next she’s speaking to a gorgeous man in a glowing white suit about what her life could have been…

If you had the chance to go back and relive it all, what would you do differently? Go on that date, take that promotion… eat that second biscuit? Hattie is about to discover where she went wrong, but will her mystery second chance reveal some STONKING secrets in her past that probably should have stayed hidden?

A gorgeous romantic comedy from the bestselling author of What Holly’s Husband Did. Perfect for fans of Tracy Bloom, Marian Keyes and Dawn French.


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My Review

This is the second book I have read by Debbie Viggiano, the first was one of the funniest I have read this year. I couldn’t wait to delve into the life of Hattie Green and Debbie has certainly produced another diamond here.

Hattie takes a bump to the head in the supermarket and wakes up in a place between Heaven and Earth with a gorgeous man standing over her. Dazed and confused by her unfamiliar surroundings Hattie is assured by the man (called Josh) that she has been given the chance to relive her life and decide what she would do differently. She doesn’t need to go through this alone because the gorgeous Josh will be by her side along the way.  Additionally, he gives her three life lessons she must learn before returning to Earth.

Hattie has lived through some really difficult times in her forty-two years and at times this was an emotional read. However, the author has a fantastic talent for balancing the darker parts with some real laugh out loud humour. This is certainly a thought-provoking read. It is about forgiveness, acceptance and moving on. The storyline is quite unique which I found so refreshing and the characters are warm, likeable and funny.

For anyone who craves a little escapism, has had a few hard knocks along the way but still firmly believes that love could be just around the corner.

For my review of What Holly’s Husband Did also by Debbie Viggiano take a look here

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Author Bio:

Prior to turning her attention to writing, Debbie Viggiano was, for more years than she cares to remember, a legal secretary. She lives with her Italian husband, a rescued pooch from Crete, and a very disgruntled cat. Occasionally her adult children return home bringing her much joy… apart from when they want to raid the fridge, or eat her secret stash of chocolate.


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