Dog Toys, Sale Prices (Kong)

Dog Toys, Sale Prices (Kong)

Here’s a short post with a great selection of dog toys made by Kong which is a highly recommended manufacturer.

The REALLY great news is that they are all on sale!

Kong toys are on sale today at Karen Pryor Clicker Training

I love Kong toys, they are so durable and inventive.

The goat has two pitches of squeakers plus crinkles and rattles so it will keep your furry friends good for hours. ($10.99) I can see this cute little goat being a firm favourite in our house, he’s just the right size to snuggle with after a hard day. My dog always has a Kong plush toy by her side, her favourite is the little bear.

The green and blue clover is extra hard wearing and has a textured surface, it also floats and boasts an unpredictable bounce! ($9)


The blue and white hippo has stretchy legs to satisfy natural hunting instincts. It has squeakers and crackles too! ($8) This would be great fun if you have two or more dogs, they could all pull on a leg each. I feel sorry for the hippo now!



The bone toy is just $4 it is made with bright sparkly colours to catch the eye. It has a squeak and the bone shape gives it an erratic bounce.

The Kong Jumbler Ball in red or blue is truly the Dog’s Wotsits and at just $10 it’s a real bargain. It would be easier to tell you what this toy didn’t do!

In a nutshell, it has an interior tennis ball and a loud squeak. The handles make it easy for the dog to pick up and great for playing tug. This one also wobbles unpredictably (that sounds a bit like me!)

rr9We’ve all heard of the Classic Kong but it has been upgraded and this is called The Bounzer. This one compresses when the dog grabs it, then bounces back to its original shape. Kong has also added a handle to the top to make picking up and tossing easier. The medium is just $9 in the current sale.

(I just found out that they make a Kitty Kong, just for cats, who knew!)

Buy Here


Remember the times that your dog has come running back to you triumphantly carrying half a tree in his mouth?

How bad do you feel when you have to take it off him because it’s not safe?

Kong has made a Pet Stix (which looks a bit like a tree branch) and Safestix which are perfect for dogs that like to throw and fetch. The blue Safestix are extra bendy, durable and flexible.

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day and keep those tails wagging!


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