An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D Welshman

An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D. Welshman

Today I received a postcard from little Dora telling me all about her Bossman (dad) who has just published a new book called An Armful of Animals. It’s the true life experiences of Malcolm D Welshman a retired vet.

I will be reviewing the book in the very near future, I have read the first chapter and it’s absolutely amazing and a complete must for all animal lovers.However, you might need some tissues handy!

This book is independently published so a Retweet will be massively appreciated, as we all need to support our wonderful indie authors.

Here is what the very clever little dog wrote on her postcard..

Postcard An Armful of Animals 2

Would you believe it! My Bossman, Malcolm Welshman, has decided he 
needs my assistance in promoting his new memoir, An Armful of Animals. 
Hence a picture of me and his book. An my head shot used on a poster.

Apparently, the book is about how animals, particularly dogs, have 
shaped his life as a vet. It starts when he was a lad in Nigeria where 
he had a wonderful companion called Poucher. That dog saved his 
mother’s life when their Land Rover was shunted into a ravine. And 
there are stories of him crossing the Sahara treating a lame camel and 
an ostrich on the way. And back in the UK, tackling cunning badgers, 
rearing a baby starling and being confronted with a cow stuck in a 
tree. All sounds quite fascinating. 

I can’t believe that the cover features a  black and tan dachshund, just like my Mr. Darcy! He is very impressed and is sending a postcard back to Dora (he knows a good looking pooch when he sees one!)

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Dora and book

An Armful of Animals by Malcolm Welshman

Malcolm D. Welshman has had a lifetime filled with exciting encounters with animals. As a lad in Nigeria, he is attacked by soldier ants and terrified by a snake in his treehouse. His treasured companion, Poucher, an African bush dog, prevents him and his mother from being savaged by baboons.
Once qualified as a vet Malcolm has to attempt life-saving surgery on his beloved parrot. On a road trip across the Sahara, there is a tussle with a lame camel and the operation on an Ostrich gored by an antelope.
Settling back in West Sussex in England, he tackles a cow that’s got stuck in a tree, wily cats and battles with cunning badgers and baby bats.
He shares all these fascinating experiences in this gently humorous memoir that will guarantee to tug at the heart strings while bringing a smile to your face. Anyone who loves animals will be enchanted and enthralled.

‘A witty take on a young vet’s life that pet lovers will find endearing.’ – Bel Mooney, Daily Mail.

‘A joyful read full of animals and fun.’ – Celia Haddon, author and former Daily Telegraph columnist.

‘Bursting with exotic creatures and eccentric characters, this touching memoir makes for a spellbinding read where the author’s love of animals shines through.’ – Jenny Itzcovitz, editor of



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About The Author



Malcolm is a retired vet and author of three fictionalised novels about the life of a young vet in his early days in practice. In September 2011, the ebook of the first, Pets in a Pickle, reached number 2 in Kindle’s bestseller list. The following year, Barnes & Noble in the US chose Pets in a Pickle as its Free Friday selection from their Nook books. As a result the ebook got 68,000 hits and 450 reviews, over half of which were 5*.

The third novel in the series, Pets Aplenty, was a finalist in the People’s Book Prize 2015.

His latest memoir, published September 2018, relates, through a series of very personal and heartfelt anecdotes, how animals that have influenced his life from a youngster in Nigeria through to his early years as a vet, starting with Nigel the newt.

Malcolm also writes features for national newspapers such as The Daily Mail, and magazines such as Dorset Life, Parrots Magazine and Cat World. The People’s Friend has run two series each of 30 stories, entitled ‘Tales from Prospect House’.

In addition, his writing and plethora of animal anecdotes, has enabled him to participate as a guest speaker on cruise ships with a tally of 44 engagements worldwide to-date.

Malcolm D Welshman Website

Malcolm Welshman Twitter


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  1. Ohh how do I love my vet tv shows, this is SO for me !

    look at this little wiener on there .. aah !! just add the “dapples” pattern over the black and tan and it looks like my two aswell 🙂

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