A Child of The Seventies , A nostalgic poem

Are you a Child of the Seventies?

Take a look at this nostalgic poem to see if any of these activities ring a bell


A Child of The Seventies


Sherbet dib dabs, platforms, flares

Name That Tune, Celebrity Squares

Doing handstands against the wall

Pop to the phone box to make a call

Friday at five, its Crackerjack!

Knock next door for my shuttlecock back


 Startrite sandals and ankle socks

Measles, Mumps, and Chickenpox

Taping songs from Radio One

No tea until your homework’s done

Fell off your bike and grazed your knee?

Sorted with a plaster and a cup of tea


Alphabetti spaghetti and fizzy chews

Feet measured to get new shoes

Space hoppers and roller skates

Go to the youth club with your mates

Charlies Angels. Bionic man

Running  to catch the ice cream van


A child of ‘The Seventies’ and I’m not bitter

Before emails, Facebook and Twitter

No trolls shouting in upper case

Arguments sorted face to face

Conversation at the dinner table

Wearing trainers without a label


The hand of technology is extending

So I’ll go to see what’s trending

I’ll sit on the couch to do my shopping

send a tweet and some Facebook hopping

but what is most important to me

are friendship, kindness, and family.


Kate Hanford

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