Belly Band for Dog Incontinence

Belly Band for Dog Incontinence

These are designed for old and sick dogs and all dogs recovering from surgery. I found these to be good quality with a nice snug fit. I have used on my mini dachshund who is a scent marker, when visiting a friend and staying in a holiday cottage.

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To help Darcy I tried a belly band, which is a piece of material that you attach around the abdomen with velcro. It is designed to stop the dog urinating when the time isn’t right. These ones are sturdy and washable so they have lasted for ages. I bought cheaper ones and found that they bunched up on Darcy but these have a good width and don’t slip. Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind wearing them at all and we have much less stress at home about unwanted puddles. I have used them on senior dogs who don’t always make it to the garden. Additionally, I have used these belly bands on dogs recovering from surgery or on crate rest. I found them great for scent markers too.


I didn’t put the belly bands in the washing machine, I hand washed in a bucket and they dried quickly.

You can buy absorbent inserts for the belly band, but I used sanitary ware, it was far cheaper.

Give the dog a wipe down with some baby wipes (the dog version are really expensive) to keep him feeling fresh.



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