40 Fascinating Dog Trivia Questions and Answers , Quotes and Facts

40 Fascinating Dog Trivia Questions and Answers


(Quotes and Facts)


Do you need some dog trivia questions and answers for an upcoming quiz? Look no further, I have compiled a list that you might find useful.

There are also astounding dog trivia facts which will blow your mind and, in addition, the most inspirational dog quotes and portraits ever created.

The answers to the questions are directly below and in brackets.

Here is a fascinating dog trivia fact to get started.

A female dog and her female offspring are capable of giving birth to over 6000 puppies in 7 years.

1 Which dog breed is the favourite of The Queen of England?


2 Can you give the name of the Queen’s first Corgi?


3 What is a mixture of Dachshund and Corgi called


4 Which breed of dog has a black tongue?


5 Which breed yodels instead of barks?


6 How old was the World’s oldest dog when he died?


7 What breed was the oldest dog ever to have lived?

(Australian Cattle Dog)


My Top Ten Favourite Dog Portraits
My Top Ten Favourite Dog Portraits

can be seen


8 How many teeth does a fully grown adult dog have?


9 Which is the smallest dog breed?


10 Which of the dog’s senses is most highly developed?


A dog’s brain releases oxytocin, the love hormone when he interacts

with humans and other dogs.



11 Who has the most taste buds, dogs or cats


12 Dogs have 3 eyelids, True or False?


13 Dogs cannot see in colour, True or False?


14 Name the cleverest breed of dog.

(Border Collie)

15 Dogs sweat glands are in their paws, True or False?


16 What breed of dog is Snoopy?


17 What name is given to a crossbreed dog with beagle and pug parents?


18 Which breed of dog is a playing piece in Monopoly?

(Scottish Terrier/ Scottie)

19 What is the name of the dog that won Britains Got Talent in 2012?


20 What breed is Scooby Doo?

(Great Dane)

If a dog wags his tail to the right he is happy, to the left he is scared.

_ We can judge the Heart of a Man by his Treatment to Animals_

21 Name the World’s most popular dog breed?


22 Which breed was once considered sacred in China?


23 Name the dog in the Wizard of Oz?


24 What breed was Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard Of Oz

(Cairn Terrier)

10 Inspirational Dog Quotes
10 Inspirational Dog Quotes

can be seen



25 What were dachshunds originally bred for?

(badger hunting)

26 Name one of Simon Cowell’s dogs?

(Squiddly  Diddly and Freddie)

27 What breed are they?

(Yorkshire Terriers)

28 Which film did the dog called Einstein star in?

(Back to the Future)

29 Name a song that Elvis sang about dogs.

(Old Shep or Hound Dog)

Copy of Finallyfoundmy newhome! (3)

30 What breed was Rin-Tin-Tin?

(German Shepherd)

31 What was the name of Bill Sykes Dog in Oliver Twist?

(Bull’s Eye)

32 What breed is Pluto?

(Blood Hound)

33 Give the name of the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which features dogs

(Hound of the Baskervilles)

34 Who were the cartoon owners of Dino?

(The Flintstones)

35 I am a Saint Bernard named after a composer. What is my name?


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36 I am a rapper with a doggy name, Who am I?

(Snoop Doggy Dogg)

37 Who is Scooby Doo’s owner?


38 Give the name of Barack Obama’s dog?


39 What is the breed of Barack Obama’s dog

(Portuguese Water Dog)

40 What is the breed of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

(Cocker Spaniel)


A dogs sense of smell is 1,000 to 10,000 times more effective than our own

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