Dog Toys, Sale Prices (Kong)

Dog Toys, Sale Prices (Kong) Here's a short post with a great selection of dog toys made by Kong which is a highly recommended manufacturer. The REALLY great news is that they are all on sale! Kong toys are on sale today at Karen Pryor Clicker Training I love Kong toys, they are so durable and... Continue Reading →

15 Ways To Stop Barking

It is not practical to expect a dog to stop barking completely. It is a natural behaviour and some breeds are more prone to it than others. As a member of your pack, your dog feels that it is his job to protect you. if he hears a noise which he can't explain he will... Continue Reading →

Do Dogs Feel Guilty?

Do Dogs Feel Guilty? We all know the look of absolute guilt on a dog's face when you come home to shredded mail or a chewed up slipper. We are told by experts that dogs don't feel complex human emotions, but it is hard to believe when you have experienced the look of shame. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

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