100 Unique Dog Names

100 Unique Dog Names

I did a post about pet names in 2016 and I decided to see if the most popular dog names had changed since then.

Here is the list of most popular dog names for 2017

Top 10 Male Dog Names

  • Max
  • Charlie
  • Cooper
  • Buddy
  • Jack
  • Rocky
  • Oliver
  • Bear
  • Duke
  • Tucker

Top 10 Female Dog Names

  • Bella
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Sadie
  • Molly
  • Maggie
  • Bailey
  • Sophie

No Ben, Alfie, Bobby or Sam this time so the boys names have changed and we have some new ones including Oliver, Duke and Tucker.

Girls top names remain unchanged but I see Luna, Lola and Sophie have made an entrance.

I notice that there is still many human names in the most popular list.

However, we don’t tend to hear the more traditional nonhuman names like Patch, Rover, Spot, and Lady these days.


Tips to Remember Before Naming Your Dog

1 Is it a name you can live with for potentially fifteen years?

2 Does it suit the personality of the dog?

3 Is it a name you won’t be embarrassed to shout out at the park?

4 Try some different names and see how the dog responds.

5 Keep the name short and snappy, easy for the dog to respond to.

6 Watch out for names that sound similar to a command eg No and Joe

7 Don’t give the puppy a name you are saving for a potential child!

8 Remember your cute puppy may grow into a handsome beast!

9 Use your imagination, everyone has a Bella or Max.

10 Think about the dog’s heritage and think of a name that fits with this.

unique dog names


Are you looking for unique dog name inspiration?

The most common dog names are not for everyone. Sometimes it’s nice to have an original name which is inspired by something special in our lives. I’ve thought of favourite hobbies, pastimes, memories and made a list of names, Some are a little obscure, others you will recognise straight away. We can pick a name which is unusual, funny or memorable for our pets in a way that we could never choose a name for our children.

Have a look down the list to see if any inspire you. The categories on the left are interests and hobbies you might have. Then move over to the right to find names which are linked to them.


  • Star Wars                                              Luke, Leila, Yoda
  • Game of Thrones                                 Khaleesi, Snow, Arya
  • Mama Mia                                             Fernando, Chiquitita, Honey Honey
  • Rap Music                                             Drake, Kanye, Jayz
  • Football                                                Ronaldo, Kane, Silva, Rooney
  • Books                                                    Oliver, Ernest, Rebbeca, Romeo, Darcy
  • Harry Potter                                          Hermione, Ron, Malfoy
  • 80s Pop                                                 Prince, Cyndi, Bowie
  • Inspirational Women                             Oprah, Indira, Serena, Diana
  • Movies                                                   Indiana, Forrest, Scarlett, Clooney
  • Sport                                                     Bolt, Ali, Pele, Rafael
  • Music Icons                                          Florence, Beyonce, Elton, Prince, Aretha
  • Food                                                      Noodles, Waffles, Nachos, Meatball 
  • Designers                                              Abercrombie, Chanel, Dior, Lauren
  • Drinks                                                    Pepsi, Tequila, Guinness, Budweiser
  • Places                                                     Lucia, Boston, Vienna, Basel
  • Colours                                                  Amber, Saffron Fawn
  • Flowers                                                  Marigold, Daffodil, Sweetpea
  • Disney                                                    Pongo, Tramp, Napoleon, Aurora
  • Mythology                                             Athena, Juno, Artemis
  • Christmas                                              Robin, Cinnamon. Ivy, Noel. Blizzard


unique dog names

Celebrity Dog Names

Gwen Stefani Winston

Hugh Jackman Mocha

Jennifer Aniston Norman

Jessica Alba Sid

Orlando Bloom Sidi

Will Smith Indo

Adele Louie

Lady Gaga Asia

David Beckham Scarlet

Prince William Lupo

Barack Obama Bo and Sunny


Funny Dog Names

Here is some hilarious dog names I’ve heard of

Hairy Pawter

Jimmy Chew

Bark Twain



Big Dog Names

Thor, Tank, Boomer


Small Dog Names

Snowball, Squirt, Twinkle, Duster

Additional Reading

Nature Inspired Dog Names

Dog names for book lovers

Hope this helped you choose a name for your dog. Have you got any unusual names for your pets? I would love to hear about them in the comments.




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  1. Very interesting post! Have to say don’t hear a lot of them around here (Scotland) .. we had a Max previously (rescue dog, we didn’t name him). Our two labs, who we’ve had since puppies, are named Oscar and Brodie. I was surprised at Bailey being a girl’s name though – any I know of are male!!

    1. Thank you. My rescue dog was called Dappy!! Luckily he didn’t answer to it so we changed it slightly to Darcy, suits him much more! I call him my Mr.Darcy! Thank you for commenting x

  2. When I was little I always wanted a Yorkie and a Great Dane so I could call the Dane David and the Yorkie Goliath. When we finally got (or were got by) our lovely Brittany, we called her Perdi for Perdita but she ended up being called Purdey. Her name lives on in my Twitter handle: perdisma

  3. I have written dog characters into all of my novels Inspired by dogs we’ve had and dogs I’ve known, I have not been shy to “borrow” the appropriate names. So far, no complaints from either the humans or the dogs.

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