Just Rude !

This started out as a book review, but it really got me thinking about how rude people affect our lives. Also, a little courtesy doesn’t cost anything does it?

They say that smiling is infectious but rudeness is too. A harsh comment can ruin someones day and they then go on to be rude to someone else.

This book was kindly sent to me via NetGalley. It wasn’t exactly what I expected but I found it an interesting read. I then go on to say what I personally find rude and follow with a poem I wrote about just being kind to each other.

F*** You Very Much by Danny Wallace


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The book is exactly what it says on the cover. Amazingly it all started when the author wanted to buy a hotdog, the story is described in a very humorous way (but it couldn’t have been funny at the time!)

He says..

Did you know that even one rude comment in a life and death situation can decrease a surgeon’s performance by as much as 50%? That we say we don’t want rude politicians, but we vote for them anyway? Or that rude language can sway a jury in a criminal case?

Danny Wallace embarks on a scientific journey to understand rudeness. He has spoken to rudeness experts and commissioned rudeness surveys, all of which are discussed throughout the book.

Things I Find Really Rude!

I hate supermarket shopping but it has to be done, ………preferably as quickly as possible. So I feel like tearing my hair out when shoppers congregate in the aisles to have a good old chat. The gossip is so interesting that they forget about their trollies and abandon them……..right next to the bread, milk, eggs etc, in other words just where you need to see.

People who really upset you and then say “I was only joking”. It is not an excuse so that you can hurt people’s feelings and not feel bad. Be kind!

Cryptic Facebook posts eg someone says “Charlie is feeling scared at City Hospital” or “Sam is very excited at Heathrow Airport”  Then there are the ones who post “You’ll never guess what just happened! So everyone responds but they never reply.

I know I’m beginning to sound grumpy so  I will finish now with a poem I wrote about politeness

Just  Smile

  I find it hard to construe,

What it takes to say “Thank You”

It really doesn’t take that much

To pass along a grateful touch

and could “Please”  be uttered a little more?

A chair pulled out? An opened door?

“Good Morning”  always is a treat

On a crowded train when  eyes do  meet

Who knows, you might just make a friend

When you smile and a hand extend

And in days when people have no time

A simple kindness is sublime

and spreads a smile, which is returned

Welcomed in and respect earned.

Then that person spreads the word

Manners kept and kindness heard

So remember it is worth your while

To say “Thank You”  and Just Smile

                                                                  Kate Hanford

What do you find rude?

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  1. People skipping queues and not saying thank you or please drives me nuts.
    I don’t like going into shops or bars or restaurants,wherever and finding people grumpy and not smiling……I have raised with the motto that a smile is not to be denied to anyone😀
    But I totally agree one rude comment or ac5 and your day can be irreversible ruined……I know by experience…😡

  2. Timely post – I went to get my hair colored today. I hate the salon. One stylist had a relative in, along with her young son and screaming toddler. The toddler yelled. A lot. The stylist, her sister (I think) and her sister’s friend pretty much let the tyke yell. I hate when parents subject their screaming kids to everyone else. I don’t blame the toddler, he was strapped in a stroller for two hours.

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