Dog Breeds, How Well Do You Know Them?

Dog Breeds, How Well Do You Know Them?

I’ve often spent hours with a rescue dog trying to work out what the breed is.  Some are easier than others! There is no mistaking spaniel ears or a terrier stance but some are quite hard.

I put together a little quiz to see how well we know our dog breeds. It’s just for fun! Let me know in the comments how many you know and best of luck!

Here are nine well-known dogs can you guess the breed?

Can you tell the breed from this cute pic?


What breed is this dog from The Wizard of Oz?


What is the name of the famous dog in the photo?


Which four dog breeds make up this handsome beast?


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8 thoughts on “Dog Breeds, How Well Do You Know Them?

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  1. Ouuuh I like this !!

    dachshund butt! for sure !
    id say yorkshire ??
    I wanna say either labrador or golden retriever ..
    Oh lord the four breed one .. I see Basset hound, beagle, poodle legs ?? and id say chihuahua.

    1. Wow, you know your dog breeds, the dog from The Wizard of Oz is a Cairn Terrier, the 4 dog breed has some labrador in there,, thanks for taking part.

  2. My guesses

    1. King Charles Spaniel
    2. Chocolate Lab
    3. Chihuahua
    4. Pug
    5. French bulldog
    6. Bull mastiff or Pitbull
    7. Border Collie
    8. Golden Retriever
    9. Old English Sheepdog
    10. Dachshund
    11. Cairn Terrier?
    12. Marley 😭
    13. Beagle/Bassett/Poodle and i think either puppy lab or a Chihuahua again

    Thanks for this it was fun

    Vicci x

    1. Vicci you nearly got full marks!, no 5 is a Boston Terrier, I’m impressed. Thanks for taking part, next time I will make it harder! Have a great weekend! x

  3. I cannot comment on the dogs because I am not good at it and I read the replies. I will comment on the Dachshund. I bet that is Darcy. It looks like my Kirby. It cannot be my dog Harley because Harley would be under the covers sticking out like that but he would be upside down. All of the doggies are cute!

    1. Ha ha, not Darcy he never stays still for long enough! He always sleeps the same way, he gets under his blanket and goes around in circles until he is perfectly tucked in, in the morning he is always the last one up! He really loves his bed! Your Harley sleeps upside down? bless him! They are such funny little dogs aren’t they?

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