Through A Mother’s Tears by Cathy Broomfield

Through A Mother’s Tears by Cathy Broomfield


Published 28 6 2018

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When Cathy Broomfield’s youngest daughter Kirsty disappeared, Cathy hoped she had gone to stay with friends, to escape her brutal and bullying husband. Cathy became increasingly anxious, until the day the police arrived at her door to tell her they had found a body. Then she knew her worst fears had been realised…

Through a Mother’s Tears is the poignant and heartbreaking story of how Cathy lost not only Kirsty, her youngest daughter, but Kirsty’s big sister Hayley, who died of heartbreak when the agony of her baby sister’s loss became too much to bear.

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My Review

As a mother the thought of burying a daughter is inconceivable, to bury two….I cannot bear to even imagine.

Through A Mother’s Tears is the story of Cathy Broomfield, an ordinary mother whose life has been destroyed by the tragic deaths of two of her daughters.

Kirsty”s body was found in a suitcase, she had been murdered by the hands of her husband. It was only after her death that Cathy found out about the secret life her daughter had been living.

Kirsty had been very close to sister Hayley, they even had matching tattoos on their wrists. Hayley never got over her sister’s death and mum Cathy had to watch her life spiral out of control until she sadly died too.

I read this in one sitting. It is written by a woman whose life has been affected so deeply by grief of the very worst kind. The love for her family shines through in her writing. It must have been so hard to put these pages together, but she did it to tell her daughters stories. Cathy doesn’t try to hide anything about her daughter’s lives, her honesty is admirable and her pain so raw.

My sincerest condolences to this family, words just are not enough, and sleep peacefully Kirsty and Hayley.

Thank you to David Haviland and Thistle Publishing for the copy, which I reviewed honestly.

Thank you for reading

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    1. I must admit I usually steer clear of anything too emotional, This was different because I have a daughter (now grown up) and I couldn’t bare to lose her. I was a mess after I finished it! Have a great Sunday hopefully peacefully in your sun room. It’s raining here so no lawn mowers..yet! xx

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