Said no dog owner…..ever!!

Said no dog owner…..ever!!

Being a dog owner can be hard!

We have to put up with muddy paws, incessant barking and walking in the rain…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

In fact, many of us go on to welcome another furry friend into the family (maybe more!)

The love we get from our dogs is so strong that we don’t care about the downsides.

Who wants a clean house anyway?

black lab

Said no dog owner…..ever!!

” Look at theses crumbs on the kitchen floor!”

“I never liked those shoes anyway”

“I hate throwing pizza away”

“It’s ages since I cleaned the car”

“We need a smaller sofa”

“What is that smell?

“Of course he doesn’t want a treat”

“Rain makes me so happy”

“He doesn’t like chicken”

“Such a great idea to buy a cream carpet”

“Your dog is so much cuter than mine”

“I found a really cheap vet”

“Who knew a dog could take up such little space”

“I  have too many vacuum cleaners”

“So glad he scares the squirrels away, they always attacking us”

“HaHa, he can’t spell W.A.L.K.”

“He never ignores me”

“Its so cute when he humps the vicar”

“I’ve done all the cleaning”

“Embarrassed?  me? never! “

“I wish I could get up early every single day”

“I never sing to my dog, that would be silly”

“You can’t have too many walks”

“The dog hair makes it feel like home”

“It’s great when he cleans the windows with his nose”

“Come and see the garden, the lawn is immaculate”

“Should I wear the white jeans today?”

“We need a louder doorbell”

“Finally, the last poo of the day”

“I enjoyed that extra hour of sleep”

“He doesn’t need any more toys”

“He’s not a baby!”

“There’s too much room in this bed”

“I don’t have a best friend”


Can you think of any more??

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