20 Things to Do With Lemons

Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemons

I’ve had a really sore throat for the past few days and the only thing that I have found soothing is drinking lots of hot lemon and honey. It got me thinking about lemons and their health benefits but I found that this small citrus fruit has loads of other uses too.


Facts about Lemons

They are rich in vitamin c, help to fight infection and have antibacterial properties.

Lemons have antiviral properties (terpine limonoids)

They contain 22 anti-cancer compounds.

Lemon and water taken first thing in the morning is an excellent  liver detoxifier

Citric acid dissolves gall stones and kidney stones.

Rutin found in lemons helps to improve eye disorders.

They can help Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Allergies.

Although acid, they help to alkalize  the bodies metabolism and balance  ph levels

Can help the bowels, liver, brain, nervous system and aids digestion.

Lemons cleanse the blood and can be used to treat malaria.

Widely thought to be anti-aging and to help in weight loss.

They contain potassium which helps with blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness.

Can help with toothache and sore gums. freshens breath and cleans teeth.

A few drops in a diffuser should calm anxiety and lift low mood. It will eliminate odours too.

Helps sunburn, acne, eczema, bee stings and can fade scars after a burn.

Believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties which help arthritis.

They help the body remove uric acid which builds up in joints causing arthritis and rheumatoid pain.

lemons 2

 Health Is Not The Only Thing Lemons Are Good For
For Cleaning

Lemon kills mold, mildew, bacteria, and germs work as a deodoriser and air freshener.

Good for cleaning glasses, microwaves, fridges and metals including chrome, copper, and brass.

Mix with olive oil to clean and polish wood.

Mix with bicarbonate of soda to use as an all-purpose cleaner.

Lemon cuts through the build-up of soap around taps, and showers.

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Lemons repel mosquitoes, ants,  moths, and fleas.

Cats hate the smell so use on kitchen worktops and baby areas.


In conjunction with the sun, lemon juice can lighten hair.

Rub into hands to remove onion and garlic smells.

Removes dandruff helps with hair loss and makes hair shine.

Can be used as a face mask by removing dead skin cells.

Can be used as a deodorant  or elbow  and foot softener

lemon fish


Makes a fantastic salad dressing and works very well sprinkled over fish.

A little  juice stops vegetables from turning brown when cooking.

lemon salad

A Little History About Lemons

Columbus introduced them to the Americas in 1493.

.In 1747 a  naval doctor cured scurvy with lemons and the British Navy still carries them on ships today.

lemon tree

Buy the Best Lemons.

Buy unblemished heavy lemons with thin skins.

Avoid any that are tinged with green or pale in colour.


Always wash lemons.

Be aware that excessive use can damage tooth enamel so always rinse after use.

It’s amazing to think that this small citrus fruit is capable of so much. It will definitely be a store cupboard essential for me from now on

And finally, my favourite, it adds a zesty citrus taste to my gin and tonic!

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