Dog Cooling Mat (Product Review)

Dog Cooling Mat (Product Review)

We have had several weeks of hot temperatures and it begins to take its toll on our dogs. Not only do they suffer from the heat, their routines are changed because we can’t walk them at certain times of the day. I purchased this dog cooling mat for my senior dog Holly, who is thirteen years old. She doesn’t sit in direct sunlight like my other dog, Darcy but I have noticed that even indoors with a fan on she pants heavily and sleeps more than usual.


Darcy is eight years younger and a sun lover. He will always find a sunny spot to lie in even on a cloudy day. The difference is he recovers quickly when he gets too hot, Holly can’t seem to cool down if she overheats.

Dog CoolingMat

This is a fantastic product available from Amazon, A dog cooling mat is a special type of mat designed to help keep dogs cool during hot weather or after physical activity. These mats are typically made with materials that provide a cooling effect when the dog lies on them. They can be useful for preventing heatstroke or discomfort in dogs, especially those with thick fur or brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds that are more prone to overheating.

There is a special (nontoxic) gel inside the mat which absorbs body heat and cools the dog. It also claims to relieve joint pain.

Cooling Mat For Dogs



The mat is durable and easy to clean. When you put light pressure on it the gel activates and gives a cooling effect. (The gel is nontoxic but I would still worry about a puppy chewing it!) It claims to be puncture-resistant but I only bought it two weeks ago, so far, so good!

These mats contain a non-toxic gel that absorbs and dissipates heat, providing a cooling sensation when the dog lies on them. They don’t require electricity or refrigeration and gradually re-cool on their own after a period of non-use.

I just laid the mat in a cool place in the kitchen and carried on as normal. Both dogs had a good sniff first and it wasn’t long before Darcy worked out that it had a lovely cooling effect. Luckily I had bought a large mat, big enough for two small dogs. Holly was intrigued and soon tried it for herself.

Within a while Holly was sleeping peacefully (no panting) and she looked comfortable and cool.

The cooling mat is easy to fold and placed anywhere, in a crate, sofa, car, or any room of the house. Holly likes to be with me at all times and it was great to easily move the mat from room to room.

Now I have a confession to make…

I Use It Myself!

There, I have admitted it.

It’s great placed under your pillow at night!


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