Dogsitting and Deliberation.

I’m dogsitting my daughter’s dogs this week whilst she is on holiday. So Rosie and Luca have arrived with all their personal belongings and enough food to keep them going for a month!


Its been a long time since we had a puppy living with us and you forget how tiring they are. We are also in the middle of a heatwave and I’ve been really unwell, so its bad timing.

Luca is nine months old now and weighs 19kg which feels like much more when he jumps on you from a great height. He is fully house trained and really good on walks, but he still doesn’t understand that he can no longer sit on your knee!

This morning he got hold of a box of tissues and shredded them all over the garden. It looked like it had snowed! I have lost my slippers and two pairs of prescription glasses, I wonder if someone has hidden them?

Rosie and Luca

Luca likes to surf the kitchen counters and steal any food that is within reach. He went through a stage of eating used tea bags (yuck) which was a little worrying so I accidentally  (not) left half a lemon just within his reach, He’s not so keen to help himself now!

Rosie often comes for her holidays but she misses her mum terribly. I think Luca makes her feel more settled and there are plenty of ‘nanny hugs’ if she is sad.

Luca has found a great place to keep cool and he can have a chat with his new best mate,,, a spider!

My elderly dog Holly takes it all in her stride, she has seen lots of foster dogs come and go. She is secure enough to know that the guests aren’t here to stay. Darcy, on the other hand is a rescue dog with insecurities and he goes in a major grump. Luckily,  he knows he gets extra treats so it’s not so bad.

As For Me

I’ve got myself in a pickle with commitments to blog tours and seriously overstretched myself.  The problem is there are just so many great books and I have FOMO so find it difficult to say no. From now on I will be very restrained and just commit to a few every month.

I’ve decided that when the diary has a few tours scheduled and I see another book I really want to read, I will buy it and review at my leisure. That way I am supporting the author in two ways.


I’m not the type of person who can pick up a book and read anytime. Often by the time I get to sit down with a book I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. I’m going to give myself ‘reading time’ from now on when I stop everything and enjoy my books again.

I have been eating healthily and drinking gallons of green tea and lemon and honey. Ironically, I

ended up with a very nasty virus, that’s just my luck!

Here’s another post about Life of Luca, Goldendoodle

Happy July everyone. xx

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  1. Oh dear,hope you get well soon and don’t worry a week will pass soon and you ll be back to old dogs and good reading.big hugs on ur way from an other house of exhausted wagging tails😉❤️

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