How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer, (Dog Sunburn, and Dehydration)

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer, (Dog Sunburn, and Dehydration)

It’s really important to keep a close eye on your dog during the hot Summer months. If we feel hot and bothered you can only imagine how the heat is affecting our dogs with thick furry coats.

Here are a few basic tips to keep your dog cool this Summer

  1. Make sure there is a shaded area in your garden
  2. Refill water bowls, add ice to keep cool.
  3. Place a fan close to the dog and keep windows open.
  4. Make frozen treats for your dog
  5. Give the dogs access to a paddling pool.
  6. Wrap wet towels on the dog if he is overheating.
  7. Always carry drinking water
  8. Walk the dog in the morning or early evening
  9. Keep away from hot pavements
  10. Apply sunscreen

Do Dogs Get Sunburnt?

Dogs skin can burn in much the same way that ours can. Look out for signs of redness around the nose, stomach, and paws. If the dog is going to be in the sun (eg at the beach) apply a vet-approved sunscreen to all exposed areas, it will also protect your dog against skin cancer.

Don’t shave a long haired dog in summer, the fur protects the skin and shaving will expose the skin to harmful rays



  • Dog DehydrationHere is a simple checklist of symptoms to look out for if you suspect a dog is dehydrated.


  • 1 Dry Nose
  • 2 Lethargic
  • 3 Panting
  • 4 Loss of Appetite.
  • 5 Dry, sunken eyes
  • 6 Lack of skin elasticity.


  • A vet told me to lift some skin at the back of the neck and watch how quickly the skin returns to normal. A well-hydrated dogs skin should spring back quickly.


  • How to Restore Hydration.

    When one of my own dogs was very sick and refusing to drink I gently rubbed ice cubes around her gums, it takes patience but works. I found it perked her up enough to take a few sips from a bowl.

    The hydration sachets given to children can be offered and come in enticing flavours.

    Try some tasty, warm, chicken stock.

    The dog can be given fluids intravenously by the vet if the dehydration is severe.

    How Much Should My Dog Drink Each Day?

    A 10-pound dog should drink at least 20 ounces of water per day.


  • Dogs most susceptible to heat stroke are


French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers

Take a look at my posts to see why these breeds are affected by hot temperatures.


  • Here are some clever ways to keep your dog cool and hydrated throughout the summer months.

     Keep water cool at all times with this innovative cooling bowl

  • A must-have for pets on hot summer days!
  • Designed to keep water cool for hours
  • Easy to use—simply freeze insert overnight for maximum cooling effect
  • Available in Small and Medium sizes

pet bowl

Cool Pup with Insect Shield Cool Pup Cooling Pet Bowl- Keep Water Cool and Fresh Dog Water Bowl


Chill out Ice Bandana

  • Chill out ice bandana for dogs
  • Keeps your dog cool during those hot summer days
  • Features special cooling technologies
  • Comfortable and non toxic
  • Large, measures 17.7 L x 17.7 W x 0.4 H





ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana



Cooling chew to quench the thirst

  • Quenches Dog’s Thirst and Relieve the Teething Pain — This chew bone is more suitable for the small and medium dog which is teething or teeth changing. The inside absorbent sponge will be gradually quenches dog’s thirst while playing indoors or outdoors. It also can be freezable for long lasting time in summer and relieve the pain for teething dogs.
  • Healthy Non-toxic Materials — This chew toy is made of 100% TPR material, the 0.1% addition of non-toxic artificial vanilla extract which is dogs’ love. It’s safe and harmless to dogs’ pals.
  • Great for Fun and Intelligence Improving— It’s an innovative toy. Dogs can fetch water from the honeycombed hole by pressing and chewing which is a good way to improve its intelligence while playing.
  • Special Design with Large Capacity — The bone shape design attract more attention to the dogs and easy to be grabbed. There is the inside sponge to absorb in a lot of water up to 80 ml so that pet dogs can enjoy quenching themselves.
  • Wide Application — It’s great for tossing in the back yard use as training throwing or just letting the dogs chew on. The honeycombed holes make it easier to flow out water.



Nasus Pet Dog Cooling Chew Toy, Puppy Dog Summer Intelligence Puzzle Thirst Quench Hydro Freezable Fun Rubber Play Training Toy with Bones Shape Design for Teething and Small, Medium Pet Chewers

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  1. A chill out bandana sounds like a good idea. I only take the dogs our for very short walks when it’s very hot – I save the longer ones for the early morning or late evening when it has cooled off.

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