10 Holiday Essentials For Your Dog

10 Holiday Essentials For Your Dog

We’ve always taken our dogs on holiday, staying in dog-friendly accommodation with nearby beaches where dogs are allowed. Here are all the holiday essentials for your dog, that you need to take with you. Some items are obvious,  but there may be some handy tips that you will find useful.

1 A first aid kit which should include simple dressings, antiseptic wipes and any medication the dog takes on a regular basis. Scissors and tweezers.

2 Contact telephone numbers for your vet and it is a good idea to search online for a vet close to where you are staying and print off directions and a telephone number.  

3 Disposable and stackable containers to hold food and water are not just hygienic but convenient when traveling. Carry bottled water at all times and refill with fresh tap water whenever possible.

4  It’s best to take the food with you, this way you don’t have to worry and risk an upset tummy if you can’t find your usual brand. Don’t forget a bag of treats!

5 Lead, collar, coat, towel, toys and most important ...poo bags!

6 A favourite blanket, not just to keep the dog warm, but something familiar to make him feel secure. A drop of Rescue Remedy in the water can calm an anxious dog.

7 A torch for night time toilet breaks and late walks.

8 A hand-held fan to keep your dog cool and a sunscreen for the windows of your car.

9  A photo of your dog in case he goes missing. Microchip details and ID  disks with your contact numbers printed clearly. 

10 Insurance details if applicable and a copy of your dog’s vaccination details.

Holiday Essentials For Your Dog

Use the checklist for a camping trip or even just a weekend holiday at the beach. There is nothing better than seeing a dog running free on a beautiful sandy beach, wave hopping and meeting other doggy friends.

Check for dog-friendly accommodation. it will work out cheaper than boarding kennels or a dog sitter and your dog gets to share all the fun with you.

Don’t forget to make sure that the dog is safe and secure in the car and stop regularly for drinks if the weather is hot.

Here are three things I would recommend for a summer holiday or even just a long car journey.

The Rescue Remedy is completely natural and will help to keep the dog calm if he is nervous travelling by car. I have used this for years and highly recommend for all nervous dogs.

The fan can be clipped in place in the car or in a standing position to cool down a room or tent.

The first aid kit is a necessity to keep in your rucksack or in the boot of the car. Sometimes dogs can cut or scratch themselves badly whilst they are away from home and the kit provides sterile dressings, antiseptic wipes, tapes etc

Rescue Remedy for Pets from Amazon

 Battery operated clip-on or stand up Fan from Amazon

K9 Dog First Aid Kit from Amazon

(The above items are affiliate links)

At the risk of being boring please, please don’t leave your dogs in a car unattended (even with a window open)  and never let your dog stick his head out of the car window.

Have fun with your furry kids and remember….

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