Poetry About Depression and Anxiety


Poetry About Depression and Anxiety

In a world of social media when everyone appears to be having a wonderful time, do we have unrealistic expectations and leave ourselves open to disappointment? This is a question I was debating in my mind when I wrote this poetry about depression and anxiety sufferers.

I wanted to spread the message that when things look very bleak a little happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It might be a cup of tea, a country walk or a good book, just something to bring a smile.

Don’t compare you life to others, you may not be getting a true portrayal of someone else’s life. Even if things are as they seem, there may have been intense heartbreak in the past.

This poetry for depression and anxiety is designed to give comfort to anyone who is suffering from the pain of mental health problems.

Poetry for Depression and Anxiety

Inspiring Poetry to Soothe the Pain Of Anxiety and Depression

One Star

On these turbulent waters I steer

not knowing what is next from here

and every time I try to breathe

make the grief and sadness leave

the hammer looms and I retreat

to a world where loved ones meet

and all is quiet, tranquil, calm

healthy, fed, sheltered, warm

one star is all to make things well

a little light to calm the swell

a speck, a glimmer, a flicker, a beam

enough to allow the soul to dream

and a message slowly comes to light

“don’t always try to make things right”

Rise above the waves and fly

Life is hard don’t even try

to fix the shattered window pain

It’s all part of life’s game

because  the window does reveal

that sadness is part of life’s deal.

Kate Hanford

Poetry for Depression and Anxiety

Here is just a tiny glimpse of how it feels to be suffering from anxiety.

Inside An Anxious Mind

Hailstones stabbing a window pain

family, money, guilt, and shame

bees swarming, endless drone

colours dark and monochrome

bombs exploding, babies crying

fear of failure, sickness, dying

lightening flashes, here then gone

bringing panic and doubt  upon

     taps dripping, blackboard scratching

cheating, anger, problem thrashing

craving calmness, whimsical themes

oblivion, stillness, peace, and dreams.

Kate Hanford

Poetry for Depression and Anxiety


This is a poem that I wrote for a friend who was going through a bad time, just to let her know that I’ll always be there for her. Maybe someone else will find the words comforting.


You have to believe, that all will be right

In the longest of days and the coldest of nights

You may feel scared, tired and alone

But there’s always someone to carry you home

Someone who knows the pain that you feel

The raw and relentless, cruel and real

It comes like a cloud covering the sky

There are no answers, just why? why? why?

But we are strong together, and a day will come

When the clouds part and welcome the sun

So take hold of that sunbeam, don’t let it leave

Clasp it tightly, but let yourself grieve

Then slowly but surely  release your grasp

Let the light enter  and swallow the past

And then for a second, your heart will feel light

And strength will replace it, to continue the fight

Just like the sunbeam, you cannot hide

But weather the storm with  hope on your side

Kate Hanford


I hope this Poetry for Depression and Anxiety helped in a small way. Don’t forget that there is help for anyone suffering from Mental Health problems, but first you must reach out and tell someone how you are feeling.

Please contact Mind here.

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