Goldendoodle Puppy (Life of Luca)

Goldendoodle Puppy

(Life of Luca)

Luca the Goldendoodle puppy has had a very busy few weeks, mainly growing, getting up to mischief and playing with his doggy friends.

He has become a kitchen counter surfer (nightmare!!) and loves to pinch used teabags and eat them whole!

Goldendoodle puppy
Is it dinner time yet?
Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssse Will Someone Feed Me?

He’s been on loads of walks and is doing great off the lead, his recall is getting much better,

He loves water and jumped in the canal!

Now the weather is warmer he doesn’t get covered in mud every day.

Rosie and Luca
Best Friends
He keeps sister Rosie on her toes.

He hasn’t jumped in the bath……yet, but as you can see he is seriously thinking about it


“Will it Be as deep as the canal?”

After a very tiring day Luca catches up on his Facebook account and emails.

It’s so tiring being a Goldendoodle!
Such a hard life!

We’ll be back soon with more of Luca’s adventures.

Does anyone have any tips to stop kitchen counter surfing?

Keep those tails wagging!

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