London Hat Hunting Mission by Winnie Mak Tselikas

London Hat Hunting Mission by Winnie Mak Tselikas

I am so excited to join the blog tour for London Hat Hunting Mission by Winnie Mak Tselikas, a beautiful children’s storybook with captivating characters and eye-catching pictures.


London Hat Hunting Mission

Four little Londoners, Hope, Jun, Lea and Parth, come from a different cultural background, are good friends living in London. They are travelling to the iconic places around the city in search of magic hats to cure Mr Globe’s headache.

The book is illustrated with a mix of real life photographs of iconic places in London and digital illustration so children can have a vivid visual experience of London and at the same time open up their world of imagination.

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My Review

What a unique way to teach your children about other cultures and get them acquainted with some famous London landmarks at the same time.

The book uses the characters of four dolls called Hope, Jun, Parth, and Lea. The dolls have different coloured skin and hair and they each have something they are particularly interested in. I loved this very subtle way to show children that we are all different and have diverse interests. It not only educates children about different cultures but gives the message ‘It’s good to be different’.

The characters must collect hats to cure Mr. Globes headache. This involves visiting lots of famous places in London including the London Eye, Big Ben and Chinatown and collecting hats from different countries.

The book is eye-catching and will appeal to small children. There is a good mix of text and pictures and 31 pages is just right. I liked the mixture of photographs and illustrations and each picture could easily become a talking point between parent and child. It’s a really fun way to learn about different countries, cultures and famous landmarks.

I can see the four dolls being featured in different countries with the characters collecting something different in each story. The dolls are cute and designed to appeal to both girls and boys.

I really feel that the book will be a big hit with parents and children alike.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and One Dear World for my review copy of London Hat Hunting Mission.



Author Bio –

Winnie Mak Tselikas is a believer in diversity. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she studied engineering, worked in commercial sales and in 2011 switched to education upon moving to London. There, she met her half-French, half-Greek husband and they had a son, who now has family in China, France, Greece, HK, the UK and the US. Winnie considers her son to be a world citizen rather than of a particular nationality or culture. Inspired by her family and London’s diversity, she founded One Dear World and created the lovely adventures of Mr. Globe and the little Londoner dolls.



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