Dachshund’s All Day

 All in a Dachshund’s Day

I came across a photo online that had more reaction than I have ever seen on a dog forum. The dachshund was firmly stuck in the sleeve of a jumper with just his eyes and nose peeping out. The only other part of the dog which could be seen was the frantically wagging tail. As soon as I saw this I knew straight away that it wasn’t an act of barbaric cruelty but in fact, the dog had burrowed his way down the sleeve quite voluntarily. I know this because my dachshund does it quite often and seems to find it a great fun activity. In fact, Darcy loves to do this so much he actually tries to do it whilst I am wearing the jumper!
Dachshunds were originally bred to burrow so it is an instinct which has been passed down for many centuries. They also love to sleep completely submerged under a blanket or snuggled closely to someone and they crave warmth and comfort.
Anyone who has ever owned a dachshund would not be at all surprised by this weird behaviour, but the very well-meaning dog lovers on this particular forum were calling for a visit from the RSPCA.
The people screaming animal cruelty were also unable to see that a dachshund very rarely will let someone do what they don’t want him to do. It is highly likely that if a nasty individual tried to force a dachshunds head down the sleeve of a jumper he or she would be in receipt of a very nasty reaction.
Seriously, you don’t have to go to any trouble to make a fool of a dachshund, he will willingly do it all by himself.
It is a worry when they get themselves into these scrapes and should never be encouraged but it’s just what dachshunds do, they are a law unto themselves.

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  1. This is interesting! I didn’t know they were bred to burrow, but our friend who has a ton of them would always carry them around all wrapped up when they were pups and they would be so happy, lol 😂 So cute. Great post!

    1. They were originally bred to flush badgers out of their dens. Thank you hope you’re ok xx

      1. That’s amazing and explains the behavior then. Thanks! All is great. Hope all is well with you too. 💜

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