Colouring Books for Adults, Art Therapy

Colouring Books for Adults, Art Therapy

I always loved colouring as a child and encouraged my daughter and nephews to colour so that I could join in. It was great to sit with them, chatting away about their day whilst creating a beautiful piece of artwork.

Except…..children GO OVER THE LINES!

It drove me CRAZY !! but you can’t tell a child off for GOING OVER THE LINES, can you?

So you have to say nothing and just carry on, knowing that your picture is ruined because little 5-year-old Jack WENT OVER THE LINES!

By the time you have taught them to colour beautifully WITHIN THE LINES and they have gained enough dexterity to do so, they don’t want to colour with you anymore!

So when adult colouring books hit the shelves a few years ago I was so happy. Colouring didn’t have to be a guilty pleasure anymore, it was now called ‘Art Therapy’ and everyone was doing it to relieve the stresses and strains of daily life.

Then I found out something really amazing…

You can buy ‘swear word’ colouring books, whoever thought of that is a genius!

So you can think of someone who has ruined your day and sit there colouring a swear word in their honour…..and it’s ok, because it’s ‘Art Therapy’!

It’s considered to be stress relieving, fun and helps you to relax. It releases creativity and reduces anxiety.

So here’s a few to choose from (sorry if you don’t like swear words)


I had to laugh they come with a warning ‘NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN’. Imagine little Polly at nursery showing her teacher the new words she learned with mummy!

There are some lovely colouring books that you can do when the children are around.

If you like to concentrate on the positive things in life, this ‘Good Vibes’ Colouring book may be a better match.



Or maybe a theme or hobby you enjoy.

Here are a few dog themed colouring books that I love.



What about the crayons, pencils, felt tips, gel pens?



I like to use good quality pencils because they don’t ruin the paper and you don’t have to worry about them running out of ink. With practice, you can do some beautiful shading with crayons too.

If you choose to use felt-tipped or gel pens just put a piece of card in between the pages so that the ink doesn’t run through to the pages underneath.

There are some lovely greeting card making kits so that you can personalise your greeting with a hand coloured card or postcard.

These are some metallic pens I use for special artwork, it’s really good to give your pictures some sparkle and the fine tips give super accuracy.

But don’t forget the Golden Rule of colouring. Have fun but …


Do you still love things that you used to do as a child?


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Amazon Product  Links

 Adult Colouring Books                             Swear Words

                                                                   Don’t Give A Damn

                                                                     I Run on coffee

                                                                     Can’t fix Stupid

                                                                      Good Vibes

Crayons & Pens                                          Pencils   

                                                                       Fibre Tip Pens

                                                                       Metallic Pens

Dog Colouring Books                                 Dog Portraits

                                                                        Doodle cats and dogs

                                                                                            Advanced realistic dog portraits






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