A Year On, Still Blogging

A Year On, Still Blogging

It’s a year since we lost Alfie and the beginnings of this blog began to form in my mind as a way to distract me from the grief. If I’m honest I didn’t think I would still be blogging a year on but it has helped me so much, given me something to think about, kept my hands busy and the brain cells ticking.

In the early days, I spoke about Alfie regularly so his story is available to read and to keep his memory alive. The poem that really started it all., and was written when I was at my most devastated is still commented on and has helped other people who have lost their beloved pets.


Alfie’s constant companion Holly is doing so well. She has cataracts and not many teeth left but apart from that she really is bright, alert and energetic. She wakes me every morning, so excited to start another day, and she beats Darcy to the treat tin every time. I always think of her as the angel on my shoulder because she likes to sit on the back of the sofa just behind me.

alf hol2

I never thought Holly would adapt so well to Alfie not being here. Maybe she knew he was ill before we did?

Darcy the rescue dachshund has certainly not taken Alfie’s place in her heart but the two have developed a very healthy respect for each other and I think they enjoy each others company, even though they don’t sleep or play together.


As for me, life is never easy, but my dogs make me smile and that’s enough. My blogging and book reviewing keep me from going insane and I still have my family around me (even if they are all falling apart).

Thank you for reading my rambling and to the ones who have followed me since the beginning thanks for being there I really do appreciate it.


Alfie’s poem talks about how he took all the foster dogs under his wing when they came to stay.  He really helped the rescue dogs fit in and made them all feel welcome. He was always with me in the early hours when I couldn’t sleep and he really loved sitting with me in the summer house.

your toys, your bed
‘Such a softy’ was often said
And when they left
for pastures new
You picked me up
and helped me through
Your little soul mate
looks so sad
She’ ll always miss, the love you had
Your partner in crime
looks at the door
the one where you met him
with an open paw
That tiny puppy
you taught to play
She’d nibble your ears, then run away
The one who was sick
hurt and betrayed
You taught him to trust you
and great friends were made
Then there’s the pal
who visits each year
 On hot Summer days and with Christmas cheer
With a wag of your tail
and your welcoming face
The fun you’d have!
The birds you’d chase!
When the days were dark
with sadness and pain
You gave me a reason to get up again
And now, too soon
its come to an end
And your work is needed
in heaven my friend.
They needed an angel to stand at the gate
to welcome the others
who’d wait and wait
for their family to join them
so alone and so sad
But you’ll comfort their sorrow
and soothe pain that they had
Now the house is so quiet
the cushions are neat
There’s no sneezy kisses
or pattering of feet
The summer-house
won’t be the same
without my boy. hiding again
 And the cold lonely nights
when I cannot sleep
We drank warm milk
and to bed, we’d creep
So for now, we bid you goodbye
My angel in heaven
a new star in the sky.



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  1. It’s never easy to lose a fur person. They have those special places in our hearts and nothing else can fill those spots. You’ll discover that the blogging community is a great support. When I suddenly lost my beloved Shakespeare, they were there to support me. Keep blogging and reaching out. We’re all here to learn from each other, rejoice in the good times, weep during the sad times, and lift our fur people up in admiration.
    Pam (Mom to Hemingway and Steinbeck)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Pam and love to Hemingway and Steinbeck, such gorgeous cats I adore their names.

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