Children’s Poems and Dog Poetry


Children’s Poems and Dog Poetry

Poetry  by Kate Hanford

Available in Ebook

Muddy Paws Dog Poems

This is a small collection of poems about dogs. People of all ages will laugh and cry, it is a real treat for dog lovers.

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Here is one of the poems from the ebook.

It is all about the excitement of welcoming a new puppy to your home.

A New Puppy

Today is the day, we’ve waited for

A brand-new puppy to love and adore

He has a new collar and a comfortable bed

So when he gets tired he can rest his sweet head

The house is ready, the gardens secure

There’s treats in the cupboard, a lead by the door

We’ll pat his head and throw his ball

Teach him to fetch and good recall

We’ll keep him healthy, safe and well

So, full of pride, our hearts will swell

And as the months turn into years

He’ll make us laugh and dry our tears.

                                                                          Kate Hanford


Oh What A Stink! is a small collection of funny poems for children aged under 3 –  5

Here is one of the poems

I have a little brother

He likes to scream and shout

He even screams at dinnertime

Whatever’s that about?

He screams when he is happy

and again when he is sad

He even screams at bedtime

He’s such a noisy lad

My mum bought me some earplugs,

but they didn’t really work

For when my brother saw them

He really went berserk

We tell him to be quiet

But he doesn’t even care

He just shouts even louder

It really isn’t fair!

But when the day is over

and the screaming is complete

I look at him tucked up

in bed

And he really is quite sweet 


Really Mum? is a small collection of funny poems for children aged 4 – 8

Granny’s Spell

My grandma has a magic spell

She gets it out when I’m not well

It isn’t just for coughs and colds

But upset tummies

Warts and moles

She cooks it in an invisible pot

She stirs and stirs

Until it is hot

When people ask for the recipe

She says its made from the

 bumblebee tree

There’s a pinch of banana

And a dash of trout

A  sprinkle of trifle

And a juicy red sprout

Then the magic elf calls by

With a drizzle of sunshine

And a handful of sky

Before the potion is complete

She must stamp her eyes

And close her feet

Then gently she spoons

The magic spell in

But you must

Hold your nose

And scratch your chin

And only then

Will you feel well

Thanks to the magic

Of granny’s spell!


I hope you and your children like the poems.

A very short review would be hugely appreciated.

For now

Keep Those Tails Wagging!

For more poetry by Kate Hanford

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Thank you for reading.








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