Natural Appetite Stimulants For Dogs


Natural Appetite Stimulants For Dogs

It can be a real worry and a sure sign that something isn’t quite right when a dog’s appetite decreases. It could be just an upset stomach or a sign that something else is going on. Here we take a look at natural appetite stimulants for dogs and how to restore nutrition when your dog is unwell.

However, it’s important to note that the problem might be more complex and require veterinary care. 

 Appetite Stimulants For Dogs

Points to Consider When Your Dog Loses His Appetite

1 Is this a recent thing? Did the dog eat normally yesterday? (If you’re not sure ask other members of the household if they noticed anything) Try to pin down when the problem began.

2 Has the dog had any sickness or diarrhea? Keep an eye on the dog’s stools and look out for signs of vomiting, they may indicate a tummy bug.

3 Is the dog’s tummy soft?  Does he/she show any pain when you gently touch the stomach area?

4 Have you changed his food recently? It can take time for a dog’s stomach to adjust to a different food. If you do decide to change a dog’s diet always do it gradually by integrating it with the previous food, then slowly build up the amount.

5 Have you noticed the rubbish bin overturned? Some dogs are born scavengers and can pick up nasty germs from decayed food in the rubbish bin.

6 Is the dog as active as normal? Does your dog seem more sleepy than usual? this could be a sign that he is in pain.

7 Does he seem reluctant to jump on the couch or go upstairs? This might be a sign of stomach ache.

8 Are the dog’s teeth well cared for? Bacteria from the mouth can be swallowed and cause nasty stomach upsets.

9 Has the household routine changed in any way? Dogs are sensitive souls and they are creatures of routine so moving house, guests, holidays, new babies etc can upset them emotionally, and as a result, they lose the desire to eat.

10 Has the dog experienced weight loss? It’s always a good idea to keep a record of your dog’s weight. The first sign of severe illness can be weight loss and it will be the first thing that a vet checks if your dog loses his appetite. If you have a large dog always check his weight on professional scales, even if you are just going to get his nails trimmed. Domestic scales at home can be used for small dogs. Weigh yourself first,  then again whilst holding the dog. Subtract the second recording from the first to get the dog’s weight.

11 Has the dog been in contact with an animal carcass or drank from a stagnant pool whilst out walking? Sometimes a dog will pick up the scent of a dead bird, rabbit etc and have a good investigate! Try to avoid this by being vigilant on walks and distracting your dog away from anything potentially harmful.

natural appetite stimulants for dogs


Bland Diet For Upset Stomachs

If there is no improvement after 24 hours the vet must be contacted. He will ask all of the above questions because a loss of appetite in dogs can signify a physical or mental problem. The vet will narrow down the possibilities then do a physical examination to confirm a diagnosis.

He may advise a bland diet of chicken and rice as an appetite stimulant . Or refer the dog for further tests.

If the dog will eat the bland diet, keep to it for 48 hours then gradually add his own food until he is back to normal.


All dogs love to lick, it’s how they show love and communicate with other dogs.

Sometimes, when they’re feeling a bit anxious, licking can be a source of comfort and stress relief for them. It’s like their version of thumb-sucking!

So spreading food on a lick mat can be a great way to get those taste buds working again.

Use banana, yoghurt, puree, peanut butter, pate or tinned dog meat spread into the mat.

(It’s also a great boredom buster, aids dental health and stops dogs bolting their food)

Lick Mat for Dogs and Cats
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Lick pad slow feeder are designed to reduce pets’ anxiety and disruptive behavior during bathing or grooming. Just place their favorite snacks on the mat , then your pet indulges in foods they like, and keep happy during bathing, grooming or cutting nails.

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Natural Appetite Stimulants For Dogs

Here are some natural stimulants which will help your dog regain his/her appetite after a period of illness.

1 Offer small pieces of delicious smelling food, still slightly warm. Good examples are roasted chicken, crispy bacon or hot dog sausages.. This will help to engage with the dog’s strong sense of smell.

2 Try baby food if you suspect the mouth is sore. Warm slightly to increase the smell and make it more enticing.

3 Offer food hidden in Kongs, make mealtimes fun and the dog may feel more inclined to eat.

4 Stay with the dog and gently encourage a few mouthfuls. Think little and often rather than over facing the dog with too much food all at once.

5 Hand feeding may be an option. (I have even pretended to eat the food myself to encourage eating)

6 Try a herbal appetite stimulant like dandelion, however, check with your vet first.

7 Acupuncture can help when a dog loses his appetite, ask for a practitioner recommended by your vet.


The Difference Between A Dog’s Digestion and A Human’s Digestion.

Have you noticed that dogs can raid a rubbish bin and drink pond water without getting sick?

Here are three reasons why…

  • Dog’s saliva has antibacterial qualities which will kill off harmful bacteria before it is swallowed.
  • Also, the dog’s stomach acid is much stronger than humans. Dogs need strong acid to help them digest meat and bones, which was their original diet.
  • Dogs have a shorter digestive tract which means that the amount of time needed for digestion is much quicker. This means that there is less time for toxins to form

Acupuncture To Stimulate Appetite In Dogs

Acupuncture, a complementary therapy in veterinary medicine, can be used to increase a dog’s appetite. This holistic approach involves the insertion of tiny, sterile needles at specific points on the dog’s body to stimulate natural healing processes. When applied to appetite concerns, acupuncture can help by addressing underlying issues that may be causing a decreased interest in food.

By promoting the release of endorphins and regulating the body’s systems, acupuncture can alleviate stress, pain, and digestive disturbances, which are often culprits behind appetite loss in dogs.

The therapy is generally safe and well-tolerated by dogs, making it a viable option for pet owners looking to enhance their furry companion’s appetite naturally, without resorting to medications or invasive procedures.

These products may help as natural appetite stimulants for dogs

Use a Kong toy to entice play and get your dog eating again. Fill with dog friendly peanut butter or pate to act as a natural appetite stimulant.

You can use a Bob-A-Lot interactive treat dispenser to help stimulate the dog’s appetite. This toy is a firm favourite in our household. The bottom chamber is big enough to hold a full meal, and most types of kibble fit inside.

The dog will have fun working out how to get the food without realising how much he has eaten. There are difficulty settings too so that you can adjust the openings depending on how clever your dog.

Interactive Dog Toy, Rolling Dog Treat Dispenser
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 This dog enrichment toy integrating funny sound, puzzle games, food dispenser and other functions. Pets can stimulate their brain development and improve IQ through playing with the puzzle toy to get food rewards, which can also make dogs more and more stable in mood and character

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This interactive toy will not just get your dog eating again. It has many functions including whistling and giggling sounds which will keep your dog entertained for hours.

Fast-acting digestive support for dogs.


YuMOVE Digestive Care for All Dogs
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  • Tops up good bacteria, blocks bad bacteria and supports sensitive digestion
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  • Already supporting over 2 million dogs a year
  • See the difference in just 6 weeks, or your money back guaranteed

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Gentle, natural and effective, it provides fast support for troubled tummies, and it helps manage ongoing upsets.

Dog Dehydration

This article points out why we should also look out for the symptoms of  Dog Dehydration.

If your dog is unwell and not eating it is a cause for concern. However, it is so important that your dog takes in fluid when he is sick. The article shows the symptoms of dehydration to look out for. There is also a bone broth recipe which adds essential fluid and nourishment when your dog’s appetite is low.

How To Restore Nutrition When Your Dog Is Feeling Well.

This blog post called  Superfoods For Dogs has lots of useful tips about dog nutrition for when he is fit and well again. I like to give my dogs pumpkin, which can help regulate the digestion after a stomach upset and is full of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. If you would like to know more about the incredible health benefits of pumpkin, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Thank you for reading, I hope your dog recovers soon!


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  1. If you have a dog that is having trouble eating because of dental problems or illness, try giving bone broth instead. Liquids are more easily digested. Just be careful there’s not too much sodium or addictives in the bone broth. Just like chicken soup helps a person recover, bone broth can give your dog the nutrition to recover.

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