Loss of Appetite in Dogs, Symptoms and Tips


Has your dog gone off his food?

It can be a real worry and a sure sign that something isn’t quite right. Here’s a list of things you need to ask yourself if your dog experiences loss of appetite.

1 Is this a recent thing? Did the dog eat normally yesterday? if you’re not sure ask other members of the household if they noticed anything.

2 Has the dog had any sickness or diarrhea?

3 Is the dog’s tummy soft? Does he/she show any pain when you touch it?

4 Have you changed his food recently?

5 Have you noticed the rubbish bin overturned?

6 Is the dog as active as normal.?

7 Are the dog’s teeth well cared for?

8 Has the household routine changed in any way?

9 Has the dog lost weight?

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Bland Diet

If there is no improvement after 24 hours the vet must be contacted. He will ask all of the above questions because loss of appetite in dogs can signify a physical or mental problem. The vet will narrow down the possibilities then do a physical examination to confirm a diagnosis.

He may advise a bland diet of chicken and rice for a few days, or further tests.

If the dog will eat the bland diet, keep to it for 48 hours then gradually add his own food until he is back to normal.


Tips to Stimulate a Dog’s Appetite After Illness

Offer small pieces of delicious smelling food, still slightly warm (eg roasted chicken, crispy bacon, hot dog sausage) ie. try to engage with the sense of smell.

Try baby food if you suspect the mouth is sore.

Offer food hidden in Kongs, make mealtimes fun!

Stay with the dog and gently encourage a few mouthfuls.

Hand feeding may be an option.

Try a herbal appetite stimulant like dandelion but check with your vet first.

Acupuncture is believed to help when a dog loses his appetite, ask for a practitioner recommended by your vet.

These products may help loss of appetite in dogs.

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This blog post called  Superfoods For Dogs  

has lots of useful tips about dog nutrition for when he is fit and well again.

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