Tails.com, (Part 3) Product Review Conclusion



Tails.com, (Part 3) Product Review Conclusion

This is a product review conclusion for Tails.com which I first wrote about in the following posts

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My dogs have just completed the 2-week free trial which is available to all new customers (UK only).  I will give my honest opinion of how they adapted to the dog food which is tailor-made to your dog’s requirements and delivered to your door.

I won’t recap on the earlier review posts, but I did want to conclude with my final thoughts, and I will address the concerns I shared in Part 2  which are detailed here:-


My first worry was when I saw Darcy’s measured allowance. I have obviously been overfeeding him and the amount of food will be reduced dramatically so I will be watching him closely for signs of hunger (Food is his life!) I think this particular sausage dog may be a little disgruntled at the lack of wet food and the smaller portion size but I will be very glad to see his waistline back!

Secondly, Holly is a twelve-year-old chihuahua mix. She has lost several teeth and her mouth is tiny so I hope she doesn’t struggle with the size of kibble. I have taken a photograph of the kibble next to a £1 coin to show the size. I’m sure we can adjust the kibble size if necessary.

In Reality

Darcy has lost almost 0.5kg and I can now see a defined waist which is great because dachshunds are prone to back problems so it is important to keep them at the correct weight.

My other concern was that the amount specified was not going to be enough compared to the amount I had been previously feeding him. Actually, when it was dispensed into his bowl there was much more than I originally thought so I didn’t feel like I was starving the little chap!

Also, his tailor-made diet didn’t include wet food which he normally had. I noticed he was finding the kibble quite dry on its own so I added a little chicken or beef stock and he emptied his dish every day. He was already fit and healthy so I didn’t see any difference there, but he adjusted to his new diet well with no tummy upsets.

Holly didn’t struggle with the size of the kibble like I thought she would and she loved the small amount of wet food from her allowance. Again, each day she emptied her bowl which she hadn’t been doing previously. Her weight is the same and like Darcy, she adapted really well to the new food with no problems.

Now comes the good bit……..she is leaping around like a spring chicken and people have commented on how well she is looking for her age!. I am so thrilled to see her running happily around the garden, jumping on to the furniture and she is much more alert (and vocal) during the day whereas she was previously spending a lot of time sleeping. She was already a sprightly old lady but she now has a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye!

Will I be continuing my monthly delivery?

Well of course for Holly a resounding Yes!. I wasn’t so impressed with the results for Darcy but he is a young, fit dog already so more difficult to see results. I have to say that I was so thrilled with the results for Holly that I will happily change them both over permanently.

I like the special measuring cup which shows me exactly how much they need, whereas before I was just guessing. They both seemed to enjoy the food, so there was no waste and obviously, with Holly, the results were really impressive.

The price per month for two small dogs, delivered to the door will be £24.00. This works out at £3 more than the brands I purchased from the supermarket so not a great additional expense, and I have the knowledge that the food is made specifically for my dogs needs.

To take advantage of the 2-week free trial just visit the website here

Taken From The Website


Think of dog nutrition on a whole new level: a precise dry food blend, developed by vets and nutritionists to meet your dog’s needs at every stage of their life. High-quality ingredients are just the start: every tails.com kibble is custom designed just for us, to meet our exacting standards in shape, size and nutritional profile. So when we develop your dog’s blend from scratch, we know it will meet their needs with a precision that other brands cannot match. Just tell us about your dog, and we’ll use all the details – like breed, age, sex, health conditions, flavour preferences, and how much running about they do – to create a specific recipe, just for them.

The website has loads of information about dog nutrition requirements and is written in a concise, easy to understand format (with lots of photos of happy doggy customers) I highly recommend you give them a visit.

Website Link

This post contains an affiliate link to the reviewed product. This means I may receive a commission from Tails.com but it does not affect the price you pay. The review is my honest opinion, based on a 2-week free trial which is available to all new customers.

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