10 Easy Tips To Survive Life With A Brand New Puppy

10 Easy Tips To Survive Life With A Brand New Puppy

Having a brand new puppy in your life is a momentous occasion. However, it doesn’t matter how much preparation you’ve done, there will be times when you feel you’ve made a huge mistake. It’s a massive fifteen-year commitment and the first weeks pass in a sleep-deprived blur. One minute you feel that you’ve finally mastered the house training, only to return home and find that you’re back to square one.

So why do we do it?

Of course, the obvious reason is that puppies are so flipping cute!

However, if you persevere with the training, be consistent, kind and firm, a wonderful companion will emerge from that bundle of fun who will be there for you no matter what.

Should we get a puppy?


Here is a poem about bringing a brand new puppy into the family

Today is the day, we waited for

A brand-new puppy to love and adore

He has a new collar and a comfortable bed

So when he gets tired he can rest his sweet head

The house is ready, the gardens secure

There’s treats in the cupboard, a lead by the door

We’ll pat his head and throw his ball

Teach him to fetch and good recall

We’ll keep him healthy, safe and well

So, full of pride, our hearts will swell

And as the months turn into years

He’ll make us laugh and dry our tears.

Kate Hanford


Luca 8 weeks

10 Easy Tips To Survive Life With A Brand New Puppy

1 Book some time off work. It will give you time to bond with your puppy and cope better with sleepless nights.

2 Stock up on disinfectant, baby wipes, carpet cleaner, and kitchen towels.

3 Invest in a good mop, it will become your best friend.

4 Enjoy every minute because they grow so fast, take loads of photos and videos because you’ll enjoy looking back at them.

5 Buy a second-hand baby gate, it will give you both some essential time out and help to keep you sane.

6 If a possession means a lot to you, lock it away for six months. Put the Persian rug in the attic and the Loubitons back in the box, it won’t be forever!

7. Buy a few puppy toys designed for the chewing and teething stage, some can be frozen to cool the gums.

8 Don’t buy a posh bed at this stage,  wait until the dog is fully grown, a small budget bed will be adequate with a soft blanket.

9 Never leave the house without poo bags, keep some in the car, your handbag and every pocket in every coat.

10 Think about crate training. This post here has lots more information.

Rosie cavapoo
Rosie cavapoo

Let me know in the comments how you have survived the first weeks with a brand new puppy.

Good Luck!



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