Dog Poems by Kate Hanford

Dog Poems by Kate Hanford

It’s World Poetry Day today so I’d like to share a few poems that I wrote about Man’s Best Friend.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs come in different forms

of colour, fur, and breed

Some are big and bouncy,

Others small indeed

Some are trained to guide us

If our eyesight lets us down

They’ll be there to keep us safe

when crossing roads in town

Some have got a job to do

they must earn their keep

Helping farmers in the fields,

herding cows and sheep

Then there are companions

Who sit upon the knee

Filling up the emptiness

Of the sick and elderly

There are ones who protect us

And keep us all from harm

By telling us when dangers near

and raising the alarm

 Some will soothe your troubles

Some will heal the pain

Every dog has a job to do

From Chihuahua to Great Dane


Best in Show

There is a dog who’s long and low

He likes to dig in soil or snow

He doesn’t know that he is small

He’s good at training and recall

 When he isn’t in the mood

He can be stubborn and subdued

Short of leg and deep of chest

And just in case you haven’t guessed

He’s sausage-shaped, now you know

The dachshund is the best in show!


A New Puppy

Today is the day, we’ve waited for

A brand-new puppy to love and adore

He has a new collar and a comfortable bed

So when he gets tired he can rest his sweet head

The house is ready, the gardens secure

There’s treats in the cupboard, a lead by the door

We’ll keep him healthy, safe and well

So, full of pride, our hearts will swell

And as the months turn into years

He’ll make us laugh and dry our tears.


Of course, we can’t forget the homeless dogs in rescue centres. This poem is a little sad, but we should always remember the older dogs who are often overlooked.

The kennels were quiet

Now the gates were closed

The puppies had left

For forever homes

Old Patch and Old Billie

remained in their pen

Not surprised to be

staying again

Their eyes were cloudy

Their muzzles grey

The people would stop

then just walk away

For Old Patch and Old Billy

there was no surprise

they didn’t want oldies

loyal and wise

They wanted the young ones

eager and small

But the years weren’t always

kind to them all

So, next time you visit

with a new home in sight

Consider the oldies

and their sorry plight

For Old Patch and Old Billie

deserve a break

Their eyesight is failing

Their muscles ache

Next time you visit

 there is your match

 look no further

Than Old Bill and Old Patch.

Dog Poems by Kate Hanford.

These poems and others are available in an ebook called Muddy Paws.

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  1. I have rescued 17 Dachshunds in my lifetime. A lot of older ones. 1 was 9 end of the be a 18, one at 7 and lived to be 17, and a lot of them 14 and 15. One only 7 to the cancer, all the 14 and 15 word something like that also. I thought the older I got the easier it would be when I lost one but that is not true. It’s really tears me up inside and I said never again but they always seem to find me. People bring them to me, I have purchased one in my life, all the rest have been rescued. They have all brought me a lot of joy!
    The story of Darcy is exactly like the story of my Kirby they even look the same! I can’t believe it.

    1. That’s so wonderful, 17 lives saved. Darcy is a nightmare sometimes but I adore him regardless of his flaws, they are what make him unique and he makes me laugh every day.

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