Tails.com, Tailor Made Dog Food Review (Part 2)

Tailor Made Dog Food Review (part two)

In this earlier post, I wrote about Tails.com  a new way of buying bespoke dog food which is delivered to your door.

I earlier discussed the process and how easy it was to set up online for my two dogs Holly and Darcy. I then sat back and waited for my free trial package to arrive.



The box clearly marked Tails.com arrived by courier well within the specified time.

It contained;-

Two bags of dry food with the dog’s name clearly marked on each one.

Wet food just for Holly, again with her name marked clearly

Menu cards for each dog. These stated clearly how to measure a correct portion using the innovative plastic scoop which adjusts specifically for each dog. Again, in the parcel were two scoops each with the name of the dog.



This really couldn’t be faulted. The cardboard box was great quality and the wet food was boxed so none of the individual sachets could be damaged. As I said before, all items clearly marked for each dog. The dry food came in sturdy plastic bags with a sealable top.

The information states that you should introduce the new food gradually by adding a small amount to the dogs existing food. Then swap completely if there are no signs of an upset tummy.

It also stated that they don’t always get the taste right the first time but will adjust according to specification. They advise warming the kibble a bit to release aromas or adding a little marmite to make the food smell appealing.


My Opinion

The delivery arrived at the right time and the packaging was of good quality and instructions clear and concise.

I am adding the kibble to normal food as advised and the dogs like the taste and they have not experienced upset tummies.

I am happy to commence the full programme tomorrow. I will update in around ten days to inform how Holly and Darcy progress with their tailor-made dog food.

This is all part of a two-week free trial which is available to all new customers. There is a £1 delivery charge which seems very reasonable to me.

If the new diet suits my dogs I will be paying for a monthly delivery (around £24 for two small dogs).

Tails.com pride themselves on customer service and encourage communication to let them know if anything about your dog changes (ie health, dietary requirements) or if you are experiencing any problems with the food.

I have not needed to contact customer services but find it extremely encouraging that you are actively encouraged to email them with any problems

Tails.com is only available in the UK.


These prices seem very reasonable to me, especially considering there is free delivery.


My first worry was when I saw Darcy’s measured allowance. I have obviously been overfeeding him and the amount of food will be reduced dramatically so I will be watching him closely for signs of hunger (Food is his life!) I think this particular sausage dog may be a little disgruntled at the lack of wet food and the smaller portion size but I will be very glad to see his waistline back!

The measuring cup comes in different settings and can be adjusted easily. The instructions tell you exactly how to put the cup together and it was so easy even I could do it!

Secondly, Holly is a twelve-year-old chihuahua mix. She has lost several teeth and her mouth is tiny so I hope she doesn’t struggle with the size of kibble. I have taken a photograph of the kibble next to a £1 coin to show the size. I’m sure we can adjust the kibble size if necessary.

Just to the right of the dry dog food, I placed a £1 coin to show the size of the kibble. Having an older dog myself, I know this is important.

Thank you for reading my review of Tails.com. The really great news is that you can try it for free, so you don’t have to take my word for it!

Why not ‘try before you buy’ like I did? and see if this innovative way of feeding your dog is suitable for your dogs too!

If you are interested in the tailor-made dog food, you can read more here.


This post contains affiliate links. It does in no way influence my opinion of the product.


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