Tails.com,Tailor Made Dog Food, Review (Part 1)

Tails.com,Tailor Made Dog Food, Review (Part 1)

I’ve been having a few problems with Holly and Darcy’s dog food. They are fed mainly kibble but with a small amount of wet food to make it more tasty and moist. This has worked well for years but they have recently decided not to eat the kibble, just the wet food!

I have tried different brands, it works for a while then they start to get picky again.

They have treats for being good and a dental stick each day too. Both are just a little overweight ie. I can’t easily feel their ribs, but in good health otherwise. The hope is that they will shed some pounds in the warmer months when their exercise levels rise significantly. Holly is fourteen and still loves her walks and Darcy, at approximately five, (he’s a rescue, so age not known for sure) is always on the go.

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Tails.com are a UK petfood company who approached me recently to ask if I would like to promote the company on this blog.

Here’s what they say:-

In our 2 minute nutritional consultation you tell us about your dog’s breed, lifestage, physical condition, energy and activity levels, flavour and ingredient preferences, health issues, exclusions and any allergies and we use this information to calculate their exact nutritional requirements. We then hand-blend a selection of high quality kibbles (from over a million combinations) to create an optimised balance of nutrients just for your dog.

They offer a free trial so I thought it would be a good idea to sign up to their programme.

I will do a series of reviews to give my honest opinion on the complete service including delivery, website, packaging, value for money etc as well as the quality of the food and most importantly…..  if Holly and Darcy like it!.


The website, how easy is it to use?

I’ve got to say I was impressed by how quick and easy to use the website is. Even I had no problems filling in Holly and Darcy’s details, it took approximately two minutes for each dog.

The form then asked for my name and address for delivery of the free trial .I was also able to choose an approximate date and give details of a safe place to leave the parcel if I’m not in. The idea is that after the trial period you pay for a monthly delivery of the tailor-made food, but this can be paused or cancelled at any time.

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It’s always the first question for me, but this time I am taking a free trial so the honest answer is.. I don’t know yet, However, I will be posting prices as the review period progresses. I will also be assessing value for money and doing a comparison to what I pay for dog food right now.

We all love our dogs and want the very best for them. There is no doubt that the dog food supplied is top quality and specially formulated using an algorithm to suit the individual dog. however, the main question will be “do my dogs like it?”. 

I have no problem paying for a great product but at the end of the day, I need to see empty dishes!

They do ask for a £1 delivery charge so you have to give your bank details. I don’t like giving bank details to new companies so I did my own research on the company and the feedback was all positive. Also, it is only a fraction of the actual postal charge, so not an unfair request in any way.

Here is a link to Tails.com reviews on Trustpilot

Next time I will be reviewing the delivery time and packaging of the product. I will also share how my dogs react to the dog food.


This is what the company promises:-

perfectly timed deliveries

We send you the correct amount of food for your dog each month so we know when to deliver their next bag of food, so you’ll never run out again. You don’t even have to be at home – you can nominate a safe place for your delivery to be left. And you can pause, delay or cancel at any time, so you’re always in control. 

What Will Be In The First Delivery?

Your first delivery includes your dog’s menu card with a breakdown of their feeding plan and daily portion size, plus a Perfect Portion Scoop so you can feed them easily and accurately. If your dog is overweight or underweight, the controlled portions will help them return to their ideal condition.

I must say that the idea of a Perfect Portion Scoop really interests me. I have to admit that I guess how much to feed my dogs and as I said earlier in the post, they are a little overweight. I take full responsibility for that, in fact, I wrote a blog post that you can read here.

The fact that I am given a feeding plan with accurate quantities is a big plus for me.

dog food review

So why not join me on my journey to fill all my dog’s requirements and give them food that they enjoy?

Or just let my dogs be the guinea pigs and see what sort of results I see!

Has anyone used this company for their dog food?

Any comments are always welcome.

ETA The second part of this review can be read here


This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a little commission if you make a purchase. However, this does not affect the price you pay and you can be assured that my opinions will remain honest, as always. Thank you for reading.

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