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I love the Bohemian style of clothes and home interiors but where does it originate from and what does it mean?


“A socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts” is the meaning according to the Oxford dictionary. Or a person originating from Bohemia which is in the Czech Republic.

How to be a Bohemian.

  1. Get in touch with your creative side. This could be painting, songwriting, poetry or anything craft related.
  2. Throw out the rulebook, be open-minded and question conventional beliefs.
  3. Prioritise family, relationships, and art above all material possessions.
  4. Don’t be a sheep. Act and dress in a way that feels good for you, don’t just follow trends, make your own!
  5. Live one day at a time, go for walks, get in touch with nature and stop worrying about the future.


The Bohemian Style

For girls, hair should be long and loose or plaited, maybe held back with a stylish bandana or headscarf. Clothes should be casual, loose-fitting and flowing material. Ironing won’t be a priority, so nothing tailored for male or female Bohemians. Jeans should be light coloured, distressed or ripped, they should be slightly baggy and preferably vintage. For cold weather, oversize jumpers are worn either knitted or crocheted, holes are not a problem, in fact, they add to the Bohemian style.

Buttons should be left undone and sleeves rolled up. Leather artisanal styled sandals or loafers are a good choice. Accessories can be worn to show creativity and individuality, something close to a Bohemians heart, and natural materials are preferred. Patterns and colour also show personality, so colourful garments with relaxed patterns are used on shirts, dresses, and scarves. Most of the clothes are vintage and picked up cheaply in second-hand clothes shops, don’t forget Bohemians dislike material possessions so the emphasis should be on comfort and practicability.



Why Do I Love Boho Chic?

With a few exceptions, most Bohemian style clothes aren’t age specific, in fact, I think this style is really well suited to the more mature person. It reminds me of the wonderful hippy styles of the 1960s mixed in with a bit of festival chic. Of course, it is more about the lifestyle than the clothes and comfort is really important. Layers are flattering with loose summer tops and oversized knitwear over a pair of well-loved jeans. Maxi dresses look stunning on any age and are a must in everyone’s holiday wardrobe.

Bohemian Interiors

The good news is that you don’t have to be rich to have a Boho-inspired home. An eclectic mix of colours, textures, and styles give a relaxed comfortable feel. If an item is sentimental, display it proudly, it doesn’t have to match. Books should be within reach of large, colourful sofas and placed on natural wooden tables. Fabrics, textures, patterns, and colours are important and are used in rugs, curtains, and cushions. Bring the outside indoors with some artistically arranged plants and candles are a necessity to make a laid back, calm and peaceful space.


My Thoughts on Boho Interiors

There are plenty of high-end Boho interior designers out there but I prefer the authenticity of an evolved over time living space. Mementoes of holidays past are given pride of place, there can never be too many books and comfort is paramount.

I was bought up in a home where everything matched and colour schemes were strictly adhered to, so it is refreshing for me to have a relaxed, vibrant colour scheme. I like the walls to be white, floors neutral with vivid bursts of colour from soft furnishings.

It’s hard to be miserable, even in mid-winter, if your surroundings are colourful, welcoming and warm and the bohemian style looks amazing in the sunshine.

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