A Humble Dog, Poem by Kate Hanford.

A Humble Dog

Do you ever wonder what your dog really thinks of you?

It got me wondering. so I wrote a poem about what my dog probably thinks of me!

I hope you like it.

A Humble Dog



A Humble Dog

I’m not a dog of many words, I think you must agree

Unless I spot next doors cat, sitting in a tree

Or someone knocks on my door, then I feel I have to say

“What do you think you’re doing? Please just go away!”

I’m a very humble dog you know I really don’t like a fuss

But when I want a little snack, to the treat tin you must rush

I don’t want to wait five minutes, or until its time for bed

I need it now, I’m starving, its hours since I was fed!

And when I’m having a little nap, curled up on your chair

Don’t expect me to move, find a seat elsewhere!

I’m really undemanding, a dog of little need

So when I want my ears stroked,  you should do the deed

Three walks a day is really not excessive in my eyes

Anyway, it’s good for you, you need the exercise!

Don’t ask me to go along the lane, and round the football pitch

We must walk to the farm where there’s a fine young bitch!

I tried to impress her, in my stylish tartan coat

but she didn’t even notice me, I could have been a goat!

I think I’ll play it cool and not visit for a while

But my dear, I have to say, it’s you who cramps my style!

And if I have a call of nature in the middle of the night

Get up, my dear and let me out, we shouldn’t have to fight

I don’t expect you to stand there, shivering at the door

It’s not my fault, it’s every day at twenty-five to four!

And while I’m there, I have to check if everything’s  ok

There may be a leaf that’s strayed, or a fox come out to play

And when I finally come back in and we stumble back to bed

I like to have a little change and get in yours instead!


Kate Hanford


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Thank you for reading.


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