My Favourite Books

I am an avid reader, my friends would say that I would read the back of a box of cornflakes if there was nothing else to hand.

It was Enid Blyton that got me hooked on reading, closely followed by J.R.R .Tolkien. I devoured James Herberts ‘The Rats’ and still have the phobia, thanks for that!  I would pick up books my mum was reading (usually Catherine Cookson) and still be there hours later in the same place.


I studied ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at school and can still recite quotes from them to this day


Martina Cole followed along with James Patterson and I was transfixed by a life of crime!

In between the thrillers, I love a feel-good romance for some light relief and a celebrity autobiography is my guilty pleasure.

I only recently discovered cosy mysteries ( thank you Viv Conroy)  and they have become a firm favourite because I love anything similar to Agatha Christie mysteries.

Here are a few books I enjoyed in the last year.

Reviews of all these books can be found on this blog.

Below are a few dog-themed books that I enjoyed in 2017. I like ‘Finding a Friend’ because it gives a very strong message to children about the plight of homeless dogs. Maybe if we educate the new generation, rescue will be a thing of the past!

Finding Gobi and Dan Knew are recommended true stories about wonderful dogs.

A Debate About Kindle vs Paper Copies

What do you think?

I love to hold a ‘real book’ in my hand, run my hands over the cover and inhale the smell of printed paper, but

  1. I can literally carry loads of books with me on a reading device, wherever I go.
  2. I can read without a lamp in the middle of the night and change the font size when I have forgotten my glasses.
  3. I can expand my vocabulary by using the dictionary feature.
  4. I am not chopping down trees.
  5. I have more space and less dusting to do.
  6. I no longer waste time in doctors waiting rooms, train stations etc, it has now become a reading opportunity.

The problem with Kindle is that when I read a great book I like to pass it on to a friend who I know will get huge enjoyment from it.

What happens when your battery runs out just as you get to the good bit?

I like both for general reading but definitely prefer a paper copy when I do book reviews. I often spend ages searching for a paragraph and end up frustrated that I can’t find an important quote. I really think my book reviews are more thorough when I have read a physical book but completely understand why publishers and authors provide digital copies more and more.

I hope I never find myself saying ‘I’ll just read another 12%’


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I worry that paper books with pages, a spine and enticing glossy front cover will become a thing of the past. Libraries are closing down around us and most children have a reading device.

What do you prefer?


And my all-time favorites,,,,,,,,

This can change daily but as I type……



Tne Forgotten Garden

I Let You Go

I love to hear about book recommendations so feel free to comment and I will add to my  TBR and post a review.

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  1. I love physical books as it allows enjoyment of a good cover that a kindle doesn’t. I read a lot of mg books as physical books so I can pass them on to my old school library as part of the surprise book box scheme I am doing. But kindle has a huge prescence in my life too. It’s ideal for holidays saving luggage space and weight. I can read outdoors easier and at night without disturbing my partner.

    I embrace both formats for reading… but I think the physical book will remain for many years s to come.

    Great post.

  2. I love both! I mean real books are just beautiful and I love holding them, but reality is I can not keep or store all the books I want in my tiny house! I love my kindle for all the reasons you said, and if I absolutely adore a book I read on my kindle I’ll probably buy a physical copy for my shelves. They both work together for me 😃

  3. I’m torn like you. I have a Kindle and tablet and the Amazon Kindle App on my iPhone. I like the backlit tablet at night but don’t like the feel of reading on a computer. I like the look in paper pages on my old Kindle but it’s not the same as a good old fashioned book. I agree that the reading experience is different when it comes to digital vs paper. I’m partial to a paperback but buy and read more eBooks. MJ LaBeff

  4. I read both but you missed 2 additional benefits of the kindle. The first is I fall asleep far more often when reading a paperback. I don’t feel as sleepy reading a kindle so I can read for longer. And the best thing about my kindle – no one knows just how many books I have. No more hidding them in odd places!

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