Blog News and Book Reviews

Blog News and Book Reviews

I fell into the blogging world quite by accident. I was feeling bereft after my dog Alfie passed away and I wanted to keep his memory alive

This post about dog bereavement was the hardest one to write. Hopefully the poem ‘Goodbye My Friend’ helped people who had lost loved pets. The comments were so touching.

I have met some wonderful dog lovers through this blog and thank everyone for sharing their stories.  Through this post, I realised that I am not completely bonkers and dog owners do the silliest things for the love of their four-legged friends.

My other great love, reading, has grown since I started to do book reviews. I am so well aware that authors, publishers, and promoters put great faith into a reviewer when they hand over a brand new book in exchange for an honest opinion. Knowing that a few words can break a writer’s heart or fill them with joy is a huge responsibility, so I choose my words very, very carefully.

To any authors out there, just one word……respect!

And to readers…..please review!

I tried to pick out my favourite book of 2017, but I just couldn’t. I will do a post when I manage to narrow it down.


In other news, we welcomed a new puppy into the Waggy Tales family, I look forward to posting lots of updates. He is going to be a big boy.

luca 10 weeks

Luca, 10 weeks old

My TBR list is bigger than ever, my back problem is loads better than this time last year and I have a wonderful family who pick me up constantly (I mean, literally!)

My two dogs Holly and Darcy make me smile every day.

No resolutions here, just a few aspirations.

James& Katie


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  1. Wonderful post! I fell into the pet blogging world too just wanting to keep track of every change Callie made as she progressed and then…. 😂 Anyway, glad to hear you are feeling better, and LOOK AT THAT PUPPY OMG FALLING OVER FROM ADORABLENESS – and super grateful I don’t have a 10-week old puppy again, ours just hit 10 months! Have a great New Year! Love, all of us at Callie’s Wag!

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