Winter Warning for Dogs part 2


Winter Warning for Dogs

part 2

Yesterday I spoke about all the foods that are around at Christmas which can cause serious harm to dogs.

Poisonous Foods for Dogs can be found here

Today I want to talk about paws.

We all know that dogs paws can get infected, inflamed, dry and flaky when the weather is cold, wet and icy.

Another danger is caused by the antifreeze people use on their cars, salt crystals and other ice melting agents which contain poisonous chemicals. Sand and salt can also get lodged between the toes and cause irritation.

Running on solid ice can also cause split nails and grazes on the paws.

Of course, if the dog’s paws hurt he will lick them and also internally ingest these chemicals.

Winter Warning for Dogs


This condition mainly affects extremities like tips of ears, nose, and tail. It will only occur if the dog is left outside in the cold for long periods. A short walk won’t cause frostbite.

How we can help

Keep the dog’s paws as dry as possible

Keep the fur short so that ice balls can’t form.

Use a paw balm before the dog goes outside.

Paw Balm can be bought online or you can make your own by melting coconut oil, vitamin e. olive oil, natural beeswax, and shea butter. I haven’t tried this but there are loads of videos online which show you how to melt and combine these ingredients. Rubbing with petroleum jelly will also add a little protection from the elements.


Is it ok for a dog to wear boots?

Actually, vets recommend them if you can train your dog to wear them and find a pair that fits really well, so they don’t drop off or cut off circulation.

It is difficult to get a jumper on my mini dachshund never mind four boots and I just know he would hate them so I will use the balm and keep walks short whilst there is snow and ice on the ground.

Paw Protector Dog Boots from Amazon

Oatmeal Paw Butter from Amazon


Happy Christmas and keep those tails wagging!


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