Christmas Outfits for Dogs.


Christmas Outfits for Dogs.

Here is a collection of my doggy Christmas photos you might like.






It will be our first Christmas without Alfie. He was always first in the queue to wear a Santa outfit or model the gift wrapping on Christmas morning. He also loved the snow.

In 2010 we had very cold spell hence the woolly jumpers!

A couple are foster dogs who are now happily settled in their new homes.

Holly will be fourteen on Christmas Eve!

Darcy won’t fit into his Christmas outfit, he’s put on a little weight since we adopted him.

The cava poo is my ‘Grandaughter dog’, she likes to pinch the decorations off the tree!

Don’t they all look cute?


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Santa striped

Black Reindeer

Santa suit with hood





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Merry Christmas Everyone

keep those tails wagging!

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