Dog Dehydration Symptoms

Dog Dehydration Symptoms What is dog dehydration? Dehydration occurs in a dogs body when it loses too much fluid.. It can be because the dog feels ill and doesn't want to eat or drink,  if the dog has been vomiting or has diarrhea or if there is an underlying medical condition. 6  Dog Dehydration Symptoms... Continue Reading →

Christmas Reads 2017, a Few Favourites.

Christmas Reads 2017 Here is just a selection of the Christmas fiction books I've read and reviewed this year. It started with Christmas at the Gin Shack back in October when Christmas seemed such a long time time flies! I really liked this book because it is written from the perspective of an octogenarian who has... Continue Reading →

A Proposal To Die For by Vivian Conroy

A Proposal To Die For Vivian Conroy A murderous beginning With her father away in India, Lady Alkmene Callender finds being left to her own devices in London intolerably dull, until the glamorous Broadway star Evelyn Steinbeck arrives in town! Gossip abounds about the New York socialite, but when Ms Steinbeck’s wealthy uncle, Silas Norwhich,... Continue Reading →

Winter Paw Care For Dogs

Winter Paw Care For Dogs Today I want to talk about the dangers that winter weather can cause to a dog's paws. We know that dogs paws can get infected, inflamed, dry and flaky when the weather is cold, wet and icy. However, another danger is present that is not so widely known about. It... Continue Reading →

Christmas Food Warnings For Dogs

Christmas Food Warnings For Dogs It's freezing here and Christmas is just around the corner, so just a quiet reminder of how to keep your dogs healthy during the festive season. Here's a quick list of Christmas food warnings. The following food items are toxic to dogs: Chocolate Raisins Grapes Sultanas Onions Garlic Beetroot Avocado... Continue Reading →

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