How to Choose The Right Dog Bed


How to Choose The Right Dog Bed

When Darcy the miniature dachshund came to us as a rescue he didn’t have one possession, not even a collar. He didn’t even recognise the name they provided us with (Dappy!) and he was already an adult dog. When I offered him a treat for the first time, he backed away, and he still doesn’t know how to play with a toy, he just guards it.


So, I wanted him to have some lovely things all of his own. We chose a plush velour bed with sides to make him feel comfortable and secure, but he refused to even sit in it. I found him a really soft baby blanket but still, he wouldn’t venture inside. Every morning I would find him asleep next to his bed, on the floor!

Then one day I found that he had pulled my old (favourite) cardigan from the chair and had wrapped himself up in it.It was a really horrible wool thing.

I hasten to add that I didn’t wear it outside the house, it was strictly for Winter days at home, when I felt a bit off colour.

I was so glad he had chosen something he liked that I decided to donate my comfort cardi and cut all the buttons off so they didn’t hurt him. It was definitely his favourite thing in the World and at least he wasn’t sleeping on the floor!


Then, one morning I found a large snake like object rolling on the floor wearing my cardigan. I looked in disbelief and realised that Darcy had burrowed his way down one sleeve and got stuck! I could just about spot a black shiny nose poking out from the cuff as he squirmed and slithered across the kitchen floor.

Gently, I held the cardigan and he pushed himself backwards until he was finally out. He shook himself down, flapped his ears and looked at me as if to say  ‘I won’t be doing that again’.

Needless to say, next day he did it again!

Darcy - choose the right dog bed


So I had to go to work on my cardigan and cut the sleeves open so that he couldn’t get stuck again, I would never be able to wear my ‘comfort cardi’ ever again.

It was a small sacrifice to make for the little man.

I know it’s a ‘dachshund thing’ they love to burrow and were first bred to hunt out burrowing animals like badgers, foxes, and rabbits.

In the morning he doesn’t emerge until I put his breakfast dish down.

So, what makes a good dog bed?

It has to be big enough for the dog to stretch out fully.

Raised sides help the dog feel safe and secure.

The fabric has to be washable.

Older dogs may benefit from a memory foam or orthopaedic bed.

If you have more than one dog they may prefer one large shared bed so they can snuggle together.

The bed should be in a warm, quiet place, away from draughts

A durable bed will be needed, especially if your puppy likes to chew.

For dogs who have a burrowing instinct, a snuggle sack or igloo type bed would be best.

If your dog is more sensible than Darcy here are some dog beds (with affiliate links) that I would recommend.

 choose the right dog bed

Orthopaedic and Memory Foam from

61X+D0I-T8L._SL1000_Tent Bed for Dogs and Cats

717RO0CQdVL._SL1500_Electric Heated Dog Bed

This has adjustable temperature control and chew resistant cables.

How does your dog like to sleep?

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