Winter Jumpers for Dogs.


Winter Jumpers for Dogs.

It’s been really cold here in the UK and Darcy has been shivering. I found him his cute jumper which says ‘I Can’t Stay Calm I’m A Dachshund’ but he decided that he wasn’t going to wear it this year! To be honest, it was a little tight, he’s obviously put on a few pounds since we rescued him in June 2015.

My friend uses up her wool oddments to make warm jumpers for the dogs, Every foster dog has left here with his very own handknitted jumper and crocheted blanket. I like to think that it helps them remember the time that they spent with me.


I have mixed feelings about dressing dogs in clothes. Obviously, if the dog feels the cold it is a necessity. Winter walks are more enjoyable if the dog is wrapped up against the elements, but at the end of the day, they are animals with fur to keep them warm.


Outdoor Dog Coat From Amazon


Raincoat from Amazon

Older dogs benefit from a waterproof coat when they go out for walks. Arthritic joints especially need to be kept warm and dry.


Thundershirt from Amazon

Darcy has a Thundershirt that he wears anytime he is anxious. I find this easier to put on than a jumper because there are four velcro fasteners and you can adjust how tight the coat fits. The idea is that a tightly fitted coat will make the dog feel secure and reduce anxiety levels. It helps on walks if the dog is anxious about noise from road traffic and keeps them warm too.

Pumpkin outfit from Amazon


Christmas outfit from Amazon

There are some super cute outfits available for special occasions. Some dogs love to dress up and show off. Alfie always came to me when he saw his Christmas jumper, even though he had a thick coat of fur! Darcy seems to think that wearing clothes is for small dogs ! and that’s fine by me.

What sort of coat do you like to use for your dog and do they like wearing it?

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