Famous Quotes about Dogs

Famous Quotes about Dogs

I’ve put together some of my favourite dog quotes. I hope you like them.

To some people, dogs are their whole lives, but what impresses me is the way a dog slots into your family and adapts to your way of life and just,  somehow, makes everything better!

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So true! We all love our families but I’ve never met a human who is anywhere near as excited to see me as my dog!

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What could bring more happiness than puppy cuddles? but before you shop. consider adopting a rescue puppy.

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Marilyn got this right. If only humans were as loyal and trustworthy!

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It’s not right to judge anyone, but I find that most dog lovers are good people too!

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I loved this film. The first time I watched it was at the cinema. I spent most of it trying to stifle my sobs! I’ve watched it loads of times since then and it still makes me cry.


Do you have any favourites?

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