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Princess Margaret


Theo Aronson


My Review

I’ve always been fascinated by Princess Margaret and this book didn’t let me down.
As a young woman, she was undoubtedly stunningly beautiful and had the love life that unfortunately follows great beauty. In complete contrast to Queen Elizabeth, her sister, life was a long roller coaster and she was everything her sister was not.
I enjoyed reading about the hypocrisy she showed to Princess Diana and the Duchess of York whom she believed to have brought shame on to the royal family!
I would have liked to read about the more controversial side of her life and an update to include the details of her death would be a great addition. The book references the Princess’ failing health in the concluding chapters and it leaves the reader wondering exactly how and where she died.
An informative, balanced and fair biography written by Theo Aronson, about one of the most controversial royals ever. His insights are partially personal or from sources linked very close to the princess and can be relied upon completely.,

I was kindly sent this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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