How to Be a Better Dog Owner

How to Be a Better Dog Owner

We all love our dogs but there is always a little adjustment that we can add to the way we care for our dogs. Just a small tweak can bring on fantastic results. I put together a series of 10 bullet points that I use with my own dogs, I hope you might find something helpful.

  1.  How’s your dog’s diet?

Give green beans instead of treats.  They can be raw, cooked or even frozen.

Add coconut oil to the food. Just half a teaspoon to start with, they do seem to like the taste.

Add some fish oil to their diet by occasionally adding sardines (my dogs favourite)  tuna or salmon.

Make some healthy dog treats. Using just a few ingredients, tasty and healthy snacks can be made instead of shop bought treats. There are hundreds of recipes online and they are all super quick and inexpensive. My dogs love frozen dog treats in the summer

2.  Does your dog get enough exercise?

Play Time

Next time you go for a walk, take a ball with you, the dog will cover more ground chasing after it and you can get some recall training done at the same time.

Change your route, your dog will pick up different scents and get more stimulation from a different area.

Walk with a friend who has a dog, this will make your dog more sociable.

3.  Is your dog Insured?

Take out a policy or open a savings account for your dog’s care and add to it each week.

4.  Is your dog mentally stimulated?


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Make your dog work for his food or treats by adding a food puzzle.

This interactive dog toy has kept my miniature dachshund amused for hours. I bought this two years ago and it is still in good working order.

5.  Is your dog chipped?

Collars with name tags can be taken off. A chip is permanent and the best way to get your dog returned to you if he is lost or stolen.

6.  Grooming.

Brushing or combing will not only improve the dog’s appearance, it will give you the chance to get a close look to see if he has any skin irritations, fur loss, hot spots, sore paws etc

Keep your dog’s nails short with specially designed dog clippers.


 Find nail clippers on Amazon

7.  Massage.

You don’t have to be an expert to massage your dog. Just gently stroking and running your hands over the dog’s muscles will make both of you feel bonded and relaxed.

8.  Toys.

Buy good quality, durable dog toys that cannot be destroyed or chewed up possibly causing a blockage in the intestine. Try to buy toys that will stimulate the dog and relieve boredom.

This toy is my dog’s constant companion, it makes her feel safe and she carries it round in her mouth. Sometimes she forgets where she has put her ‘puppy’ so I keep a spare, just in case we lose it.


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9 Teeth

Check your dog’s teeth and gums regularly, brush with some special doggy toothpaste if you can. I have tried with the rubber thimble type thing and find it works better than a toothbrush.dachshund

Make sure they have regular dental chews. Mine love the fish skin cubes (warning the smell of fish is very strong!).

Plaque Off on Amazon

Plaque off. I always sprinkle a tiny amount on my dog’s food. We achieve good results with most dogs however, there was one it didn’t work for. We booked into the vet for a scale and polish.  I also found with this that a little goes a long way.

Coconut oil will also help with dental hygiene.

Just the addition of some raw carrot or apple can cut down on dental plaque and freshen breath.
10.  Observe.

Always keep an eye on your dog and watch out for anything out of the ordinary. Check that the dog is eating, drinking, urinating, emptying bowels and playing as normal. Detecting early signs of illness could change his life.


A note to my readers.

You may have noticed that I have added Amazon affiliate links to my blog, this has not affected my opinions in my reviews and I will continue to provide honest assessments of all products.  I hope this doesn’t affect my follower’s enjoyment of my blog.

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  1. We’ve recently made a new rule in my house: no cell phones on walks! They stay with us for safety but more than once I caught myself looking at my phone on walks and that’s just crazy. It’s HER time she deserves that and it’s better for us also! <3

      1. I’m right there with you! We have a fence and when we moved the new neighbors just assumed we had a toddler because of the way I talk to her lol! It’s a compliment!!
        You too!!

  2. Love this! Siggi’s a big fan of coconut oil and gets a bit through his coat after grooming. Interactive toys are also the best. We love coming up with weird creations from household waste, like sealing up cardboard boxes full of his kibble. Keeps his brain working, tires him out and deals with his natural urge to rip stuff up! Thanks for the post 🙂

  3. Where is brushing their teeth daily at?? This is so only takes a minute…and your dog is so much better off for it. You can save a lot of money, and save the dog so much stress…do it everyday and the dogs get accustomed to issues at my house.

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