Complete Canine Care Tips


Complete Canine Care Tips

We all love our dogs, however, there are always little adjustments that we can add to the way that we care for them. Just a small tweak can bring on fantastic results and you will see huge benefits to your dog’s health. These canine care tips will make you the very best dog owner and your furry friend will reap the rewards.

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Small Adjustments With Maximum Benefits

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time dog owner or you have taken care of dogs all your life, there is always something that you can do to make him happier and healthier.

These tips are designed to give maximum benefits by making small adjustments. I’m sure that you do some of them already, but there really is something for everyone.

This handy checklist is a guide to improve your dog’s life, step by step.

After all, our dogs are our best friends, so they deserve to have, the very best owner.

Complete Canine Care Tips - diet tips

  1.  Improve Your Dog’s Diet

A healthy diet keeps dogs strong and happy. It gives them energy, helps their body work well, and makes their fur shiny. Good food prevents them from getting sick and helps them stay at a good weight. Dogs need different food as they grow up and depending on how active they are.  Good food keeps them healthy and makes them live longer.

My Number One Diet Tip For Dogs.

The best tip I ever discovered was to give your dog green beans instead of treats.

They can be raw, cooked or even frozen. My dogs love them and it has really helped me to cut down on the number of treats they have.

Just in case you were wondering:

There are forty calories in a medium-sized dog biscuit eg a gravy bone.

So doing a quick swap will have an immediate impact on your dog’s waistline.

Complete Canine Care Tip

To Overcome Obesity.

Substitute some of the dog’s regular food with a couple of teaspoons of pureed pumpkin. It is low in calories and in addition, the fibre and water will make the dog feel full, so he won’t even know he’s on a diet!

Cut regular treats in half (they’ll never know!).

Add coconut oil to the food.

There are so many benefits to adding just a half teaspoon of coconut oil to your dog’s food both internally and externally. For best results add very slowly and you will soon see fantastic results.

If you want to know about the benefits of coconut oil you can read all about it here.

Coconut Oil

Add some fish oil to their diet by occasionally adding sardines (my dogs favourite)  tuna or salmon.

Complete Canine Care Tips

DIY Dog Treats

Be the best dog owner ever and make healthy, tasty treats for your dog. Using just a few ingredients, great snacks can be made instead of shop-bought treats. There are hundreds of recipes online and they are all super quick and inexpensive. Your dog will love you for it!

Here is one of them

This recipe includes just three items, you may already have in your store cupboard.

You will need:-


2 Bananas

Peanut Butter (Dog Friendly)

Grind the oats into a fine powder either by hand or using a food processor for a few seconds.

Add banana and peanut butter and mix into a firm dough.

Roll out and cut into bite sized treats using a knife or cookie cutter.

Bake for thirty minutes at 150c.

My dogs love frozen dog treats in the summer to keep cool. I put some yoghurt in ice cube trays and add a blueberry before placing in the freezer. They are great if you are concerned about your dog overheating.


 Complete Canine Care Tips - exercise tips

2.  Increase exercise 

1 Next time you go for a walk, take a ball with you, the dog will cover more ground chasing after it. A ball thrower increases distance and dogs love them.  Additionally,  you can get some recall training done at the same time.

2 Another easy thing to do is to change the route that you use every day to walk your dog.  Your dog will pick up different scents and get more sensory stimulation from a different area.

3 Walk with a friend who has a dog, this will make your dog more sociable and you will cover more miles having a good old gossip!


Complete Canine Care Tips

3.  Is your dog Insured?

Take out a policy or open a savings account for your dog’s care and add to it each week. It will give you the peace of mind to know that the help will be there if your dog needs it. All responsible dog owners have a plan in place if their dog is sick.

4.  Is your dog mentally stimulated?

Make your dog work for his food or treats by adding a food puzzle.

We are all aware that dogs can be destructive if they get bored. Their brains need lots of stimulation even when they are past the puppy stage. Just one or two interactive toys will really help to keep your dog’s mind active. As a result, the dog will be calmer and less anxious.
He will no longer need to chew your furniture!

Boredom in dogs is the main reason for destructive behaviour or  hyperactivity

.Snuffle mats are designed to improve mental and physical fitness by using a dog’s natural instincts to search and smell for food. I have used these with dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. The snuffle mat will distract the dog, keep him/her occupied whilst you are away and reduce stress levels.



Dogs love to have fun, so these are worth their weight in gold. They can easily be made at home with scraps of material, and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

For more information on dog enrichment toys, please click here.


Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

The interactive treat puzzle dog toy turns snack time into a playful challenge, keeping your pup engaged and mentally stimulated. It's a fun way to combine treats with a bit of brain work, as your furry friend figures out how to unlock delicious rewards. It's not just a toy; it's a canine adventure that adds an extra layer of excitement to treat time.

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These Amazon bestselling interactive toys come in many colours, shapes and sizes. These durable dog puzzles are brilliant boredom busters and really give your dog a mental work out.

5. Keep microchip and dog tags up to date.

Every responsible dog owner has his dog chipped. In fact, in the UK, it is illegal not to.

However, dog owners forget to change the details on the chip when they move house or change telephone number. They buy their dog a lovely new collar and forget to swap the ID disc.

Keep the details up to date and attach a tag to all of your dog’s collars so that you can be contacted as soon as your dog is found.

Find out exactly what to do if your dog goes missing here.

6.  Grooming.

Dog grooming is vital for maintaining their hygiene, health, and appearance. Regular grooming prevents matting, shedding, and skin issues. It also allows early detection of potential problems like infections or parasites. Grooming fosters a strong bond between dogs and their owners and ensures their comfort and overall well-being.

7.  Massage.

You don’t have to be an expert to massage your dog. Just gently stroking and running your hands over the dog’s muscles will make both of you feel bonded and relaxed. It also gives you a good chance to spot any lumps or bumps which may appear.

See how your dog relaxes if you gently massage just behind his ears?

Learn canine massage and really bond with your dog.

Complete Canine Care Tips - toys


8. Make Inexpensive Homemade Toys

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, get an unwashed T-shirt or old sock belonging to yourself and put knots in it until it resembles a ball. The dog will get comfort from the smell when you are not there.

Wrap strips of fabric randomly around a ball, hiding treats between the layers for your dog to find.

A really cheap idea to stimulate play is to get an odd sock and stuff it with material that gives a crinkle effect (eg a crisp packet or biscuit wrapper) then tie a knot and use as a fetch toy.

Place three plastic cups in a line upside down. Place a treat inside one cup and see if your dog can guess which one it is. Slide the cups around to make the game more difficult.


9 Hydration

It’s so important to keep your dog hydrated, especially when out and about. This portable water and food container turns into a bowl and fits easily into a rucksack .


For more information about dog dehydration, please click here.


best dog owner - dental help


Check your dog’s teeth and gums regularly and brush with some special doggy toothpaste every day. The best way for a dog owner to do this is to start when the dog is a puppy.

If your dog hates the toothbrush these Dog Finger Toothbrushes are gentler on gums and help you to get into areas that a toothbrush can’t reach.

Coconut oil will also help with dental hygiene. In addition, it will give a beautiful shiny coat too.

Give your dog a small piece of carrot or apple to munch on. This will remove plaque, clean teeth and improve smelly breath.

Find out why dental health is so important here.

11. Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails is important because:

  • Comfort: Overgrown nails can hurt, affect posture, and cause joint issues.
  • Prevent Injuries: Long nails can snag and break, leading to pain and infections.
  • Maintain Movement: Proper nail length helps dogs move naturally and avoid gait problems.
  • Protect Surfaces: Short nails prevent scratches on floors, furniture, and people.
  • Prevent Infections: Ingrown nails can cause infections in paw pads.
  • Simplify Grooming: Regular trimming makes overall grooming easier.
  • Avoid Health Issues: Neglected nails can lead to long-term health problems.

12.  Complete Canine Care Tips

Observe Your Dog

To be the best dog owner you need to always observe your dog.

Just like a child, we need to keep a watchful eye on our pets.

Trust your instincts – you know your dog better than anyone!

If you have have doubts or worries about your dog’s health, make a vet appointment.

Health conditions are easier to solve when they are caught early, so be vigilant.


My Anxious Dog

My Anxious Dog


13. Natural Remedies For Simple Dog Ailments

best dog owner

Sometimes we don’t need to look further than our kitchen cupboards to find natural remedies for everyday dog ailments. These items are readily available in shops and can be purchased at very little expense.

(Of course, if the dog is unwell or in pain he must be seen by a vet immediately.)

1 Keep some tinned pumpkin in the cupboard to help with your dog’s digestion.

2 Epsom Salts in a warm bath help muscle aches and sprains.

3 Vitamin E cream helps with dry, sore, or swollen paws.

4 Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to clean ears.

5 Chamomile Tea poured over the dog’s skin can reduce itchiness.

6 Warmed salt can be placed in a sock and placed on an arthritic joint to relieve pain.

Live yoghurt will soothe a dog’s upset tummy.

8 Pumpkin seeds are a natural wormer.

Coconut Oil can help the fur to grow back if the dog has bald patches.

10 Pour warm water through a sachet of oatmeal, then rinse the dog’s coat to relieve itching.


By following ‘Complete Canine Care Tips’ for dogs you can be the best dog owner and your dog will benefit by being more happy and healthy. It only takes a few easy tweaks and the results can be seen very quickly.

Best Dog Owner

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Do you have any tips to keep your dog physically fit and well?

I would love to hear all about them.

Keep those tails wagging!

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  1. We’ve recently made a new rule in my house: no cell phones on walks! They stay with us for safety but more than once I caught myself looking at my phone on walks and that’s just crazy. It’s HER time she deserves that and it’s better for us also! <3

  2. Love this! Siggi’s a big fan of coconut oil and gets a bit through his coat after grooming. Interactive toys are also the best. We love coming up with weird creations from household waste, like sealing up cardboard boxes full of his kibble. Keeps his brain working, tires him out and deals with his natural urge to rip stuff up! Thanks for the post 🙂

  3. Where is brushing their teeth daily at?? This is so only takes a minute…and your dog is so much better off for it. You can save a lot of money, and save the dog so much stress…do it everyday and the dogs get accustomed to issues at my house.

  4. Oh my goodness – so much good info yet again. I never thought of green beans and I need to address caring for his teeth more. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  5. I have a friend who not only brushes her dog’s teeth, but she also flosses them. She showed me a video. The dog appeared to love it.

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