Dogged Determination.



Have you ever seen such a look of dogged determination?

This was Darcy this afternoon.I’m sure you are wondering what he has his eye on. A juicy steak? a  new toy? a delicious treat?

No, there were a few crumbs left on a plate after my lunch. He had only been fed an hour before.

This dog is a hoover.

I am seriously worried about him getting fat. He is a rescue dog but he has been here long enough to know that he will be fed regularly.

How can I resist that face, but keep him at the right weight?






































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  1. Omg so cute!!!!! My dog has psychologically mastered me lol she knows EXACTLY how to extract food from me. It’s not good and I really try my best not to give in but the puppy eyes are absolutely my Achilles heal!! I feel your pain with this one!!

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