How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson.

How Hard Can It Be?

Published 21st September 2017


So, it’s very refreshing to read about a woman approaching fifty who can articulate exactly how she feels exquisitely, with laugh out loud humour.

Kate Reddy is fast approaching the big ‘5 0’ , she is married to Rich. who is going through his own mid-life crisis and has two teenage children. Her  son  hardly  ever looks up from his phone, and her daughter finds herself in a position where a particular body part is displayed to the World via Facebook

I loved how she referred to her brain as ‘Roy’ the dithery librarian who desperately hunts out information for her in a vast room of knowledge. Sometimes she will ask Roy the name of an acquaintance only to be told where she has left her glasses.

A cleverly written book which portrays the horror of the menopause, the hardships of returning to work as a forty-nine-year-old, and having to care for elderly parents who are becoming increasingly frail. However, the humour throughout this book makes it into a highly enjoyable, hilarious read.

The characters are so well portrayed that they could belong to members of your own family and Kate is purely adorable.

A book for all women because the subject matter is so often shunned and needs to be talked about more openly, and because we all need a really good laugh now and again.

The book was kindly sent me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.netgalley badge





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  1. May have to get a copy. I’m the other side of this so no more blonde moments or menopausal fog, I’m now well and truly into senior moments. All the same though, I still don’t know what I came in to this room for!

  2. Hi – stopped by to send you an email and saw this review. I didn’t know there was a sequel! Will have to get it. How refreshing to see a book about a 50 yr old woman!! (I told my agent I had an idea for a book about a 50-yr-old woman and she told me to change it to a 40-year-old. Sigh. Even though we are both in our 50s! Anyway… I never did write that book.) But I digress. This sounds fabulous and I can definitely relate (unfortunately) to the menopausal fog!

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