5 Things I Don’t Miss About the 1970’s

5 Things I Don’t Miss About the 1970’s

I am a child of the seventies and I have lots of great memories, but there are quite a few things I don’t miss. Here is a quick list of some things that have changed over almost five decades.

  1. Sweets made of pure sugar made a generation of hyperactive kids with rotten teeth. There were also Black Jacks which turned your tongue black and candy fake cigarettes!

5 Things I Don't Miss About the 1970's

2. If you switched the television on after 11pm and before 7am this is the picture you were presented with. We only had three channels and we had to stand up to change channels, there was no remote control!


5 Things I Don't Miss About the 1970's

3.This is what we were forced to wear!  Tank tops were easy to knit or crochet and a great way to use up odd balls of wool, so we all had them in an array of colours. If there was any wool left over we were lucky enough to get a hat too!


5 Things I Don't Miss About the 1970's

4. How can this be entertaining? Fuzzy felt was a collection of felt shapes that you could arrange to make pictures! We also spent hours with a skipping rope and throwing a tennis ball against the wall.


5 Things I Don't Miss About the 1970's

5. Who thought this was attractive? I have to admit that I had this hairstyle when I was a bridesmaid. We were actually sent to bed wearing hard, spiky rollers secured with plastic pins, or you literally took your life in your hands and used barbaric, ridiculously hot curling tongs!

There were lots of good things too. Summers were hot and seemed endless, streets were safe to play in, and long before mobile phones, your mother simply hollered your name when dinner was ready!

Is there anything that you can remember from your childhood that just seems very odd today? Let me know in the comments, we can reminisce together!



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  1. When schools started the lunch program they were boxed lunches brought in and we ate in the gymn. Needless to say those of us who lived close to the school were allowed to go home for lunch. Which is probably why I still hate leftovers today. Leftovers for lunches and dinner. 😝 But still a lot better tasting than those box lunches with stale sandwiches and warm milk.

      1. lol – I don’t really remember but I am sure the gym had a “nice” aroma too!! This time of year each day is lovely – I love autumn!

  2. Wearing ‘thongs’ which are now called flip-flops. I had to laugh with your list because it is so true! I also remember going to the drive-in theater and eating our popcorn made at home. If we were really lucky, we got a 6 ounce cup of coke to share in a little cardboard-type cup. The ’70’s were probably my least favorite era because of the clothing and music, but I love listening to the music now because it brings back so many memories. Fickle me!

  3. I know what you mean, horrible fashion, really , really bad music but looking back we had such fun. There wasn’t much money around but we didn’t let it bother us. Thank you for your comment.

  4. What a great post! I spent my entire teen decade in the 70s. I hit it big when I got my first little AM transistor radio so I could listen to all two of the pop stations. Most of my favorite 70s music was later with Heart, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, BeeGees, and even Donna Summer’s disco tunes. It was a decade that made most of Boomers who we are 🙂

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