Making Dolls House Accessories part 2.

How to make Dolls House Accessories part 2.

I’ve talked previously about renovating an old dolls house and making very inexpensive food accessories that will make your doll’s house look interesting and attractive. Here is the link to the earlier posts.

How to make dolls house food accessories

Today I wanted to tell you how to make miniature books with pages which will make a bookshelf come to life.

You will need a glossy magazine with a glued spine (not stapled) and some sharp scissors or a craft knife. Draw a  vertical line around 1.5 cm away from the spine from top to bottom of the magazine. Now cut down that line, it is best to use a craft knife and board but can be done with sharp scissors. Then cut the spine into small but random sized little books (different sized looks more authentic) The magazine spine can also be divided so that you have a good selection of both thin and thick books.

Making Dolls House Accessories
Use craft knife to cut 1.5cm from the spine

For the cover, find a site which sells free printables of book covers like this one:

Dolls House Printables

There are hundreds of sites all with the correct 1/12th scale.  I also print off templates for hat boxes, cereal boxes, and toy boxes. Just glue the printed image to thin card then fold using the instructions provided.

printables for dolls house accessories
Example of book cover printables


Here is a cabinet which I painted then filled with miniature books.

dolls house accessories

Perfume Bottles are even cheaper and easier to make. Simply find an unwanted glass bead necklace and using super glue attach a smaller bead to a bigger one so that it looks like a bottle. Tip: make sure that the base is level so that it stands nicely.

Another way is to mould your bottle shape from Fimo clay and add a pretty bead to the top.

The two dressers shown in the pictures were brown wood finish, they look much better after a coat of paint and some napkin decoupage.

2013-09-03 15.36.00

Knitting Accessories.

A knitting pattern can simply be made from a printable.

Now I’ll show you how to make a ball of wool.

Cut a piece of drinking straw measuring 1.5cm and used a needle threaded with embroidery cotton or thin yarn. Pass the yarn through the straw and round many times until it resembles a ball of wool. Leave a thread hanging for authenticity. Use a computer printable to make the wrapper and place in the centre of your ball.

Make knitting needles with cut down cocktail sticks, use Fimo clay to add ends and bake to harden.

Ask an expert knitter to knit a few rows using the wool and cocktail sticks.

Place the wool in a box (again use printable) or a basket made from  Fimo clay (see the previous post for tutorial) and place on a nice chair.

dolls house accessories

Hope you like the ideas which are super cheap and easy but will make your doll’s house really stand out.

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