Instant Gentle Declutter Part 2


Instant Gentle Declutter Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about decluttering our living spaces without too much emotional upheaval. For those who missed it here’s the link, it’s a very quick read which will help you get started on the road to a clutter-free life.

Instant Gentle Declutter Part 1

The tip at the bottom of the earlier post suggested collecting pretty boxes to start organising, so I hope you have a few. There are a few examples of storage boxes,  paperwork binders and desk tidies at the bottom of the page.

cereal boxes

For smaller items cover cereal boxes with unwanted wrapping paper to keep magazines paperwork, greetings cards. Make a pretty label for each one and be strict with yourself. First only keep items you will need later, secondly only put things in the right storage box. These look great on a shelf, they can brighten a dull room or buy gift paper to coordinate with your decor so that they blend in.

Use Jam Jars To Hold Small Items

If you’re a hoarder there will be a collection of jars somewhere in the house, if not start collecting jam, coffee, and pickle jars. Look out for unusual shapes or coloured glass. These can be decorated to hold all sorts of bits and pieces including;-



Curtain hooks

Cotton reels


Dog Treats

The list is endless and there are so many ways to decorate the jars which can be fun too! Any left over jars can be used as tea light holders.

Buy a Huge Scrapbook or Photograph Album to Hold Special Greetings Cards, Letters, and Photographs

What do you do with old greeting’s cards? They are brilliant to use in all sorts of paper crafts but if you’re not crafty they will just be piling up somewhere. Then comes the dilemma, do you keep because they are sentimental, or discard to the recycler in the sky?

I got together all the greetings cards and split them into piles eg, daughter, husband, Valentine, anniversary etc. Then go through each pile and pick out one or two of your favourites and present them beautifully in the scrapbook. Make sure that you have one card from each family member and friend. Also, make sure that you have at least one card from every special birthday, anniversary, new job etc Look for cards where people have left special personalised messages. If there’s still too many, separate a few into clear wallets and slot into the back of the scrapbook.

Now comes the hard part…..whatever is left should go straight in the recycling bin!

Now I know it’s hard to throw away greetings cards but by doing this you will have a beautiful memory book to look through in years to come with all those special cards presented and preserved instead of in a crumpled heap.

If you have pages left in the scrapbook also include

Special theatre or concert tickets

A selection of your children’s artwork

  Miscellaneous photos and letters that you love.

        Plane tickets, wedding invites, certificates

Use a Memory Box to Keep Loose Items Safe.

Now you have greetings cards sorted it’s time to look through your photographs

First, take out the ones that mean the most and put them in an album or photograph frame.

Then go through each one and take out any:

Photos of scenery you don’t recognise

Pictures that are out of focus, people’s heads missing etc

Photos of people you don’t recognise (or don’t like!)

Now you should have just a few photos left. Scoop them up and put in your memory box. These don’t need to be in order, everyone loves a rummage!

Here are a few extra ideas that might be useful.

Keep all the children’s toys in one place with different sized boxes, they don’t have to look messy and ugly, a select one or two even enhances a room and you won’t be treading on pieces of Lego all day.

See the wooden caddy for all your remote controls? Keep them in one place so that you never have to go hunting down the back of the sofa again.

Towels, blankets, and throws can be rolled tightly and stacked in storage boxes, you’ll be surprised how many you can fit in!

The same goes for underwear, socks and childrenswear, roll away and see how much space you save.

Keep a large laundry bin (like the pretty pink and white striped one) in the bathroom, when the family undress for a shower it’s easy to pop the dirty linen straight in the bin, instead of all over the floor!

The A4 book boxes look lovely on a shelf or coffee table, they are a great way to organise papers, books, lists, schoolbooks, recipes or receipts.

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