Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox

A while ago I got chatting to a lady on Twitter about our love of dogs and, in particular, King Charles Spaniels. My dog Alfie was  King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Shihtzu. If you look at this photo you can probably spot both breeds.

The lady on Twitter is called Brindy Wilcox and she spoke so lovingly about her dogs who have now sadly passed away too. She told me that to keep their memory alive she had written a children’s book and incorporated a history lesson into the storyline. I was so intrigued by this that I popped over to Amazon and bought a copy.

through time to london

Through Time To London

The cover showed the heroes of the book, brothers Brandy and Brinkley looking happy and mischievous whilst jumping through a dog flap. It turns out that when Jed the repairman puts in a new dog flap it magically turns into a time travel capsule which transports them to London in 1665 during the reign of King Charles I.

I was surprised to see that it is a full size 270 page book and although Brindy described it as a childrens book I must admit I got totally absorbed into the adventures of the two dogs and how they adapted to life in the plague ridden streets of London, and if they managed to find their way home.

I loved the way Brindy described the personalities of the two dogs who were a bonded pair of brothers but with completely different characters.

A fantastic book to introduce to a child as their first novel or to read to younger children. It’s an absolute gem and begs to become part of a series where the two little dogs go off on their time travelling adventures.

Here are Brindy’s dogs, I think they looked adorable, I can just imagine them having wonderful adventures together.

brindys dogs


And here is a short poetry book written by me and inspired by Alfie. Some  poems will make you laugh, some will make you cry. It shows the plight of dogs in rescue, puppy mischief and the sadness we feel when we lose our best friends.

Muddy Paws

Muddy Paws, Poems About Dogs

Just 99p from Amazon in ebook format. Read more

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